An Entire Post Dedicated To Baklava

Before I begin, some context:
Naw-Rúz (literally, new day) is the first day of the Bahá’í calendar year and one of nine holy days for adherents of the Bahá’í Faith. It occurs on the vernal equinox, on or near March 21. Historically and in contemporary times, Naw-Ruz is also the celebration of the traditional Iranian New Year holiday and is celebrated throughout the countries of the Middle East and Central Asia such as in Iran, Azerbaijan, Turkey, Iraq, Armenia, Georgia, Russia, Afghanistan, Syria, and Tajikistan. Thanks Wikipedia.

This morning, I was surprised by my dear dear Israeli friend, Lifa and his gorgeous wife and sweet son with an absolutely mouthwatering plate of baklava! Posted by Lifa’s mother all the way from Haifa, especially for moi! Amazing. Here in rural Japan, is an Israeli, the nationality I was taught to hate (from the mere age of 7!) by my Iranian school and teachers, surprising me on a Bahá’í and Iranian holiday. Wishing me a joyful New Year. Making sure I am okay, happy and well so far from my family and friends. Love is everything. “So powerful is the light of unity that it can illuminate the whole earth.”

I am so utterly grateful. I will forever remember this day.


      1. Oh… this is so wrong! I’m so glad you’re not there anymore. I don’t understand the idea of putting so much energy into hating, instead of rehabilitating and working in a positive way to improve life. This kind of thinking only makes it worse for all.
        My father was a prisoner of war with the Jordanians, and despite this he always told us “there are good and bad people on each side, and it is our duty to look for the good”. I never heard a word oh hatred from him, though he lost his home at the war. Hatred leads us nowhere…

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      2. Of course, I completely agree! But if you grow up in such an environment, sooner or later it affects you! That’s why it’s so so sad and dangerous and horrible. I hope for peace and unity!

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      3. I’m sure. How can anyone not be influenced by it, especially if taught so from such early age. It’s the people who are at the top who are causing it all, and all for their own ego and power and money.
        I’m with you with hope for peace and unity. :)

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  1. Hello Anisa,
    Thanks for popping by my blog!
    I love yours and especially all that yummy baking you do!

    And to my surprise you are Iranian! I’m half Persian so it’s a nice surprise to stumble on your blog, particularly since you live in Asia too.

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