Vegan Cafe Bonheur


Finding vegan food let alone vegan eateries in Japan is somewhat problematic. Ok, it’s problematic. Not somewhat. Actually, I was once told by a writer friend to not use that word, ever. Sorry. So yeah, it’s difficult to find food without dashi (fish stock) or niku (meat) here. So when my adorable yogi friend, Mi-chan told us about entirely vegetarian Café Bonheur, I got pretty excited.

After having lunch there yesterday, my verdict is, Café Bonheur is a nice place to take your Mother on Mother’s Day (take that as you will). The building itself, its interior and the overall feel of the place is really beautiful and stylish. It is not Japanese whatsoever. I would describe it as an artisan beach-style café. Adorned with sunlight and pot plants, it is much like sitting inside a glasshouse. In one word, elegant.

As for the food, for the price of 1000 yen (about 10 dollars) we ordered the one lunch plate on offer containing a variety of tasty creations including soy “chicken karaage”, tofu “mozzarella”, braised vegetables (2 kinds), garden salad, brown rice and barley soup. For an extra 300 yen ($3 or so dollars) we were able to have a coffee AND a vegan tofu chocolate cake after. Everything was tasty and again, elegant, lush, luxurious. Without stereotyping too much, I know my mother would love it and my father’d have a fit.


  1. Hello, I found your blog through your comment on Ikimasho blog. I’m now obsessively reading through all your posts. I haven’t lived in Japan (Korea and Beijing but, alas, not Japan) but visited for a couple of weeks last year. I agree vegetarian food can be hard (sometimes impossible?) to find in regular Japanese restaurants and I bet it is really hard in rural areas. But we were very lucky to find quite a few vegetarian restaurants in Tokyo and Kyoto that served veggie and even vegan versions of Japanese foods. One of my favourites was a vegan ramen restaurant in Tokyo station. I also had a great vegetarian katsu curry (think that’s what it is called) somewhere in Kyoto. I have all the restaurant names listed in an old blog post somewhere so let me know if you ever need them! Are you teaching through the Jet programme?

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    1. Hi there! Thanks for your comment :) Yes, you’re right, it must be a rural problem! And yes, I’m teaching through JET but will be finishing come august and living in Osaka and travelling through the big cities before I leave for good so, send send send away! <3

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