The Last Samurai

So I haven’t actually seen this movie.. but now I have a reason to! Yesterday I visited one of the apparently iconic sites of The Last Samurai at Mount Shosha in Himeji city. And it was really something! Here are the pictorials… for reference, the first dish is Japanese soba with wild vegetables and the second, prawn pizza and third, the love of my life, tirafreakinmisu.


  1. can you teach me Japanese.? I’ve always had an interest in learning Japanese.. I guess you can say back then I was a fan of Quentin Tarantino movies and of course one of the most famous Quentin Tarantino movies that takes place in Okinawa is Kill Bill. I’m not a fan of the movie now for obvious reasons based on my faith. However any new language I can learn will become valuable to me in the long run. by the way have a super terrific happy day


  2. Mt. Shosha is awesome! I went there with the movie in mind as well, but I honestly didn’t recognize anything. I think at the temple it just said that the room of the character Tom Cruise plays was in that temple, that’s all. :P
    The yellow flowers look amazing! ^^
    Did you visit Himeji’s castle as well?

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    1. Haha wow is that all? So funny they make this HUGE deal about it being a site in the movie and it’s just a room hehehe so Japanese :P I had previously visited Himeji castle 3 times so we just visited the outside briefly! Yes, beautiful yellow flowers! Spring has sprung!!!

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      1. Hahaha yep, true! Even in the temple’s leaflet it just said “hey look, it’s the room of [first name of character in movie] Cruise’s room!” (literally those words) :P
        Oh I see! It’s a nice city.. A city with a bit of an inaka feel to it. ^^
        Aaaw, I’m looking forward spring in Japan! 3 more weeeeeeks! :D

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