I Am Growing Flowers…

in the darkest parts of my heart, for if light ever enters, it would know where to start. ~Noor Unnahar
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On Sunday evening, S and I went to The Tannery to watch one my favourite musicians, whom I first stumbled upon busking in Queenstown some 5 years ago (he busking not me) at live music venue, Blue Smoke. Of course, Graeme James was absolutely phenomenal – people like him make me wish I was at least slightly musical. On the contrary, S and I were not in top form.

You see, since his arrival, things have been pretty difficult. Getting used to one another’s presence after six months of separation takes work. Funnily enough, and I hope he doesn’t mind me sharing this, Lifa (my Israeli brother with the beautiful Japanese wife) contacted me with a very resonating message a couple days ago:  “Are you guys still madly in love?” he asked, followed by: “When Aki came to meet me in Israel she suddenly wasn’t sure anymore…I would blame it on me coming late to pick her up from the airport but you know…doubts started and all. Eventually we passed that but what I’m saying is that surprises can happen.”

In my case, there have been no doubts, none whatsoever at all. Just disappointments. Allow me to explain: for 6 entire months I had looked forward to his arrival. So much so, that I had booked and cancelled 3 different cafe’s for our first place to go to after the airport (I couldn’t decide which would impress him the most). Next, I’d planned our weekends, and week nights, and basically, every minute of which I was not at work. We’d missed out on so much, now that he was finally here, I wanted us to do it all! But as the old yiddish proverb goes: “man plans and god laughs.” At first S was extremely jet-lagged, then poor guy fell sick due to climate change, then I became sick (both physically and emotionally) due to overly attached girlfriend shenanigans (haha). And, it’s also winter, which means everything is just that much harder to begin with. So, with my grand schemes down the drain, and my expectations unmet, I found myself rather disappointed.

And this is where we chose love. Realising that if we wanted to be more than picture-perfect happy, we needed to put in the effort. So, as kindly as we could, we communicated our feelings, and as selflessly as we could, we acknowledged one another’s. It was an arduous process. It is an arduous process. I can’t say I’ll ever master it. But what I can say is that it was the rain (and shine) which made our relationship blossom. For the sincere way S offered me solace, made me fall in love with his beautiful soul all over again. In the words of Abdu’l-Bahá: “where there is love, nothing is too much trouble and there is always time.”
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  1. So sweet, Anisa!

    With this kind of attitude, you two will make your relationship stronger and stronger, I have no doubt.

    As you’ve nicely realised at an early point in your relationship: relationships don’t just magically happen, especially not the long term ones.

    Every day is an opportunity to see the other (and ourselves) in a new light.

    When we strip off expectations we’ve developed from past experiences and start fresh every day with the spontaneity and in-the-moment presence of a child (or a wise one), we can only dwell in the depth of a profound love united.

    Hugs and kisses and best wishes to both of you sweethearts.

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  2. Best picture (photo), ever. What it speaks, to me, is that it is meant to be. I wasn’t sure at first, either, Anisa… it was a surprise and kindof seemed sudden, yet not out there, at all. Now that I’ve seen it, I see what there is in it, and I see the potential of what it can all be, in future. Yes. Try to work through it. And I think it’s good, and will work. Sorry about my unsure attitude, at first. I think you also felt it from me, and that has been difficult for me, as well. Forgiveness, for it, but, of course, I want you to be happy and all… So, that’s what it was. Please hope Soroosh forgives me for it, too. Okay. Phew. Be well, little one. Love to you both.

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