Memoirs Of Wannabe Geishas

My tour-guiding is much like my cooking; repetitive LOL I took my parents to the same Kyoto spots that I took my sister and brother-in-law. Alas, it was a different season and still as beautiful if not, more. Golden Pavilion, Kiyomizu Temple and Nishiki Market.

From top to bottom: a basket of treats for the road: healthy raspberry and oat muffins, raw almonds and tangerine, Golden Pavilion, Kyoto parfait consisting of matcha soft-serve, mini matcha donuts (green), chestnut (yellow), mochi (rice flour dumplings – white), corn flakes and red bean paste (anko), Kiyomizu Temple, soba (buckwheat noodle) lunch, gorgeous Japanese crockery and lastly, Nishiki Market with A 100% natural freshly squeezed (as in right there and then) grapefruit, and my dad eating a mini octopus tehe.



  1. Nice pictures! The sundae looks scrumptious and the ceramics are so beautiful! And always, the lovely blooms! Thanks for asking after me, and I hope you’re fine, as well!

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    1. Hi! In the sundae/partfait is green tea ice-cream, green tea oreo, rice flour dumplings (white), mini green tea donuts (green), red bean paste (purple), cornflakes and chestnut (yellow)


  2. Sounds sooo sublime! I don’t know what titles you’re considering for your memoir(s), but this one sure works: “Star Anisa” (like star anise? food?) Hee-hee! Use it, if you like….

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