A cheap organic cafe in Okayama

Yes, such a combination DOES exist! And even more surprisingly so, in JAPAN, where health-foods are as expensive as diamonds. Seriously, $20 for a jar of coconut oil? $25 for a pinch of Acai powder? Are these peeps for realz?

Anyways, close to Okayama city is an adorable cozy cafe run by an elderly hippie couple  called “Nono Cafe“. It’s cheap, it’s organic and it’s absolutely, seriously, Iswearmylifeonit delicious.

They’re only open three days a week (Sat Sun and Mon) as it takes time creating everything by hand (homemade tofu, pickles, miso, konjac etc… even the fruit and vegetables they grow themselves).

Each day the meal on offer is different. It is traditional Japanese cuisine with a twist. You get one starter, one big plate filled with a variety of delicious things and a small “dessert”. I use quotation marks because everything is healthy but, everything is also delicious – wait, did I say that already? Ah well, it’s worth saying again.

You have to go there. It’s my favourite eatery in Japan, yet.



  1. The pictures of the food at that cafe in Okayama made my taste buds run away. I never had my taste buds runaway before, they were headed back to Japan.

    We spent a weekend once at Lake Tawada, a National Park and Resort on the North end of Honshu. I recall a very plain breakfast of a tiny piece of fish, seaweed wraps, rice, a raw egg and some green tea, it was a plain traditional breakfast I understand, it was good. Used chop sticks to pick up the gohon in a seaweed wrap.

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  2. Oh my gosh, what a gorgeous cafe. Great find! :D
    I’m going to see if I can find something like that around Tokaimura. Maybe if I head out to somewhere a little more urban like Mito.

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      1. Yes! Everyone sprays everything so make sure it is certified organic before buying! They’re very bad with spraying here. So I always try to buy the smallest veggies as they’ve been exposed to spraying for a shorter time!


      2. Oh…good to know! When I arrived I was really surprised to see these massive hakusai (nappa cabbages) that are like a foot and a half long. And they’re so cheap, too! That explains things. Scary o_o


      3. Yeah! It’s so sad. Never have those cabbages they and broccoli are the worst! Sprayed about 30 times! Best to stick to little veggies! More flavour and much safer!!


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