a sweet end to the week

As if people posting their lunch on social media weren’t annoying enough, now you poor folk recieve emails about my lunch! Gommenasai! (Sorry in Japanese)
Anyways, I assume you don’t mind too much since you’re still following along…

TGIF. I celebrated with a sweet lunch. Homemade granola (recipe under breakfast), probiotic yoghurt, almond milk and fresh fruit: mandarin and cherries.

Hump Day

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Are you still eating your granola out of a packet? If so, I’m seriously disappointed! Not only is making your own granola/muesli surprisingly easy, it’s ¬†undoubtedly better for you too! This morning, I’m starting off my Hump Day with a bowl of home-made muesli (recipe found here), pro-biotic coconut yoghurt and deliciously sweet passion-fruit! What about you?