review no29 La Gita italian restaurant

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You know it’s gonna be good pizza when there’s a legit wood-fired pizza oven in the room. Everyone loves Italian but for some reason, the Japanese are obsessed with it. After the Jap classics (teppan, sushi, ramen etc), here, Italian restaurants are the next big thing. Naturally, they can’t all be amazing so it’s pretty exciting when you come across a good one. La Gita in Katsumada is definitely up there. Not only is the food delizioso, the atmosphere is great, too! My favourite details include the chequered table cloths, the football jersey on the wall and the wait-staff’s uniform. The menu is in Japanese and ITALIAN so make sure you’re familiar with the basics before you go: margarita, marinara, frutti di mare etc. My only complaint would be the size of my tiramisu. I mean, come on, look at that picture. No wonder the Japanese are so skinny, I inhaled it in one bite.


WARNING: faint-hearted foodies, look away NOW!

Sorry Kate Moss but Karren has officially proved you wrong. This epic (to put it mildly) tiramisu cake tastes (and looks) better than skinny feels! It’s a big call, but this tiramisu has got to be the most incredible¬†of its kind, ever! Can someone grab me an emergency sewing kit? Cos I am bursting at the seams (both literally and figuratively) with happiness! Thank you, thank you, thank you Karren! X