super market

An inside look at a Japanese grocery store

So what do Japanese grocery stores hold that other’s don’t? As it turns out, a lot.
Here are a few:

Gigantic Apples
In Japan, apples are expensive, HUGE and singularly bought. Seldom will you find a small apple. Oh how I long to munch on an apple that’s not the size of a basketball. Okay, that was an exaggeration but close. Also, they (the apples) sport soft cushiony bottoms, like so:image[1]An entire isle dedicated to MISO

The vegan community’s year’s worth of tofu + the infamous fermented beans, natto:

A wide range of bottled tea (mostly herbal):
More plastic than Toy World:
A large selection of  sushi (well, of course) + a HUGE variety of other ready-made foodimage[2]image[11]All types of pre-cooked noodles (+ two whole isles dedicated to instant ones):
Other: a combination of all things anko, matcha, sweet, salty, random, incredibly delicious and plain right gross:
What you won’t find are:
fresh apricots or beetroots (and if you have, then please for the love of God, HOLLA!)
lean red meat
good quality CHEESE especially Feta
a satisfactory cereal isle
adding to that, oats
good quality dried goods (nuts, seeds and fruit)
nor many if any (totally humming Scribe right now) organic or “healthy” products.
Although…I have spotted chia seeds sprinkled atop frosted cupcakes before!