figalicious definition makin’ me go loco

Don’t worry, I’m not about to quit my day job! Here’s the good news though, THE FIGS HAVE RIPENED and hallelujah! THEYRE JUST AS DELICIOUS AS I THOUGHT! Sorry for the caps. Clearly, I’m a little over excited. So, if I haven’t already mentioned, I am living in Okayama AKA the ‘Fruit Kingdom’ of Japan. How convenient is that? Anyways, recently I’ve completely changed my breakfasts. There’s been a lot of talk/research about eating raw fruits on an empty stomach (some people think it a load of bollocks whilst others swear by it). I myself, fall with the latter. Of course not of blind faith – I’ve been having raw fruit-only breakfasts for the last FEW days and already, I’m feeling a difference! Honestly people, I feel great. You too, should try it! Deli, if you’re reading this, please give it a go! You might think that after an hour or so your stomach will start grumbling and eating you from the inside out but it’s actually the opposite! I’ve never received so much energy from any other breakfast! Not even oats! Sorry, too many exclamation marks for a paragraph on fruit but I feel so strongly about my new discovery that I just cant help myself! I really don’t think I’ll ever have anything else for breakfast – well maybe pancakes but they can be the once in a lifetime (and by lifetime I mean tomorrow) exception! ! ! ! !!!! I

Excuse me while I move to a tropical island to become one of those women who just eat 20 bananas a day.
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i got 99 problems but a peach aint one

My lovely friend Paige and I went peach picking today! And goodness were they delicious. I wish you could all taste how juicy and sweet these peaches were! No wonder they’re so expensive! They’re taken the utmost care of and they’re Ginormous!
If you’re in/around Okayama be sure to try one or four (yes I ate FOUR) for yourself. But where you ask? Nishiyama Farm, I say!

PS this is the very first time I’ve posted a picture of myself here. So, just prepare yourself you know, before you know it i’ll be hashtag outfitoftheday-ing all over the place.


summer corn salad

Something really funny has happened to me. If you see my kitchen you’ll think I’m crazy. No, you’ll be convinced of it. This is because my fridge contains 12 cucumbers, 15 red tomatoes, 9 green capsicums and 14 eggplants. My shelves hold 3 cucumbers, 5 corns, 4 yellow tomatoes and 6 eggplants. My kitchen floor…I’ll save you the statistics.

So I’m pretty sure I’ve already mentioned that I live so rural even the frogs sing in dialect meaning every single soul within a 50k radius has a vegetable farm/garden. And get this, everyone grows the same things and everyone harvests at the same time. Another thing you should know is that Japanese people are super genenrous and gift-giving is a big part of their culture. Don’t get me wrong, there are few things I appreciate more than fresh organic vegetables but now I find my self on an ardorous mission to save my ample produce from spoilage. My dilemma being that it’s far too hot to cook (around 35/38 degrees) and also, cooking for one is depressing and lame. So, behold the salad series. 5 vegetables a gazillion ways.
image[1] image (5)
2 large sweet corns
2 tomatoes (diced, small)
1 cucumber (diced, small)
1 green capsicum (diced, small)
juice of 1/2 lime
black pepper
a handful of fresh basil (chopped) or 1 tbsp dried basil
1 tbsp extra virgin olive oil

Cook the corn in salty water, let cool.
Remove kernels using this method.
Combine with remaining ingredients and mix.

review no32 cocogarden


Stop what you’re doing for I have just stumbled upon the sole reason I may decide to stay in Japan for the entirety of my life. Yes, forever. Nestled deep within the picturesque woods of rural Japan, Cocogarden is every foodie’s haven.

First off, you know it’s gonna be good when you arrive at 9.45, the place doesn’t even open until 10am and there’s already the biggest line you have ever seen, ever, waiting to get inside.

Shu cream (Japanese custard filled cream puffs)
and more
but wait for it…
Yes, it’s all organic and of the highest quality so oh my goodness, I can’t even.

In addition to mouthwateringly fluffy pancakes, my favourite details included the tall glass windows (see above) with a great view onto the mountains, their extensive gift shop (filled with endless goodies: puddings, tarts and cakes), the gelato caravan out front (which has asparagus gelato, yes asparagus) and the staff’s uniform!

For more info, head to their website here.