an entire restaurant dedicated to ricotta cheese

Yes, such a haven really does exist. Today, my lovely colleague and I dined at Il Ricottaro, an adorable little restaurant nestled deep in the woods of Hiruzen (Japan’s Jersey capital) and it was everything I love and more: organic, seasonal, family-run, fitted with beautiful wooden furniture and a menu featuring TIRAMISU. God, I love Tiramisu. This one was made with a mixture of ricotta and mascarpone. Ricotta also featured in our starter, salad and main (pizza). And not just any old ricotta, a delicate mixture of cow and GOAT cheese ricotta: soft, hard, smoked, amazing, out-of-this-word etc etc Well, it’s Il Ricottaro after-all.

Hiruzen is full of neat spots but Il Ricottaro definitely stands out. I highly recommend you go! The only down-fall is that they don’t take reservations so do as we did and arrive at 11am (opening time) and reserve a spot for later on.