MISH MASH Christchurch Restaurant Review

Mish Mash Eatery and Bar
Corner Manchester Street and St Asaph Street
Telephone: 03 968 4607

A mish mash of different cuisines, cooking styles and cultures. Where else can you enjoy tartare (apparently originally Polish), gnocchi (Italian) and couscous (North African? Middle Eastern?) in one go? That’s right, no where but Mish Mash of course. Though the food itself is no jumble. In fact, I will go as far as to say, it was one of the best I have ever had the pleasure of eating and trust me, I have almost eaten the entire globe. Foodies, prepare your tastebuds to explode!

The menu, by chef Kerry Collins is divided into four parts. There are nine small plates (such as venison tartare with crispy kale, egg yolk, pickled carrot, aioli and warm wholemeal toast and cured salmon with beetroot crisp, cream cheese mousse, pickled onion and capers), eight large plates (pumpkin gnocchi with coriander, chilli, lime and feta); and seven sharing sides, including mint tomato couscous. For dessert, delicacies such a spiced pear filo.

The cultural fusion is also reflected throughout Mish Mash’s decor, with its stunning gold world map feature wall. And also, through the variety of mismatched (yet gorgeous) crockery used.

More on the food, tartare (a savoury dish made from raw meat and a raw egg yolk) is the “trust fall” of the culinary world. If its ingredients are not flawless, it can go very very wrong. But done right, oh boy! When it comes to tartare, texture plays a big roll. The slipperiness of raw meat can feel borderline immoral, almost dangerous yet at the same time, SO good. And by good I mean, melt-in-your-mouth, gimme-gimme-more. At Mish Mash, this silky sensation is enhanced by the gooeyness of the broken yolk and the crunch of the crispy kale, which in my opinion, beets (get it?) every other vegetable in chip form. Mish Mash’s tartare is incredible with the best your taste buds have never experienced, found in each mouthful. You must must must order it if you go. And everything else I ordered, because it was all SAH GUD.

The Christchurch Food Crawl Continues

Top to bottom: Lunch with my dear friends Ellie and Kate at The Lotus Heart Vegetarian Restaurant. I had an amazing Peace Bowl and oh baby was it peaceful. And, pumpkin, courgette, chard and brown rice-full. Also, nice gift store with good health products too. Next, coffee with my mama at Terra Viva garden cafe (where I used to work). We ordered a chocolate raspberry mousse, a chocolate, coffee and cinnamon cake and two americanos followed by a visit to Raeward Fresh, a top-notch grocery store. Top-notch because of its huge selection of health and organic foods. So good. I wish to live between its plastic-free, fresh fruit, isles.

Healthy Living In C City

C city. Not sin city. Well, it’s up to you really. Anyway, I had the most wonderful day. Coming home is really something else. I can’t even explain it. Just feel so happy and so blessed. It really is true, you don’t know what you have until you don’t have it. Also, Christchurch is seriously booming after the earthquakes. Which to me, only solidifies that everything happens for a reason. First, breakfast and not just any breakfast but THE BREKKIE OF A LIFETIME at Little Pom’s. Grilled halloumi, sugar snap peas, smashes peas, avocado, broccolini, smoked almonds, poached eggs, multigrain toast, olive oil ($24nzd) which I shared with my mama. I loved this place. How could I not with such floral wallpaper?! Next, a walk around Hagley Park. For all my overseas followers, this is a very gorgeous and very large park right in the middle of our city and is beautiful at every season. Next, a wholesome lunch: roast veggie salad and green smoothie at Pure Cafe.

Best Of Christchurch

This will be an ongoing series. I have another 8 days.

Top to bottom:
Homemade granola with Clearwaters organic fat-free yoghurt, ViBERi freeze-dried blackcurrants and fresh fruit from the Christchurch Farmers Market. Mouthwatering felafel souvlaki from Dimitris, walk up Rapaki track with my great friend and ex personal trainer, Wally, and last but never least, wholesome bread from Vic’s Cafe  served with my infamous guacamoleimage[10]image[11]imageimage[1]

Dux Central: A Restaurant Review

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Looking for a new snazzy place to grab some drinks while chowing down on some delicious grub? Look no further Christchurch, the CBD has welcomed back an old flame to the hospitality scene. Dux de Lux, lost in the 2011 earthquakes has reincarnated and morphed into the new Dux Central, the newest and hottest place to meet, eat and drink.

The massive, teal coloured, two-storey multi-bar space, houses four different interior spaces; a craft beer bar, a wine and spirits bar, a speak-easy, and a function room. From rustic and industrial styling to classy and sophisticated, each area has been born with its own personality and vibe.

In addition, they have a perfect-for-any-season outdoor courtyard. Rain? Never fear, It’s fully covered. Snow? no problem, it’s heated. And if you’re still cold, you can grab a comfy cushion or snug blanket to instantly feel at home. Oh and the area is draped with giant dangling globe lights, so eccentric!

So far, I’ve been to Dux Central twice and my number of visits definitely won’t stop there! The first time I went was with my partner, for lunch and we went for gold, ordering way too much for only two people (#foodiefirstworldproblems). Our lunch spread consisted of their duck croquettes, pulled pork sliders, battered market fish tacos and a cheeky side of cajun curly fries.

My second time was for a family dinner where I got the chance to try their slow roasted pork belly and braised beef short ribs as well as a selection of some of their pizzas. Everything was super yum, with portions and quality decent for the price paid. And, with such a variety of menu options, something’s sure to satisfy even the fussiest taste buds.

Dux Central is super neat. Its venue is great for social gatherings with family and friends, their staff are bubbly and nice and the food is absolutely bomb! What more in a restaurant could you ask for?

Go go go!

A Cheap Organic And Entirely Vegan Lunch For Under 8 Bucks

I had the most amazing lunch in Setouchi, Okayama the day I tried on that glorious Kimono. It was BIG, ORGANIC, ENTIRELY VEGAN and only 880 yen, about $8USD (the lunch not the kimono). The cafe itself, was super cute, all nice and wooden with glass windows providing a lovely sea view! Speaking of lovely, their one and only chef, an adorable woman (late 70s) sporting the sweetest uniform you ever saw is definitely another reason to go. We ate this humongous tray of brown rice topped with crushed sesame seeds alongside a bean, potato and homemade “ham” stew, daikon soup, raw daikon and kabocha squash salad, tofu and “mince”, sesame tofu and orange marmalade for dessert. Full, is an understatement.

So healthy, so cheap and so good. MMM!

Click HERE for more info.

Sister visit, final day 9.

As Deli and Andy were departing from Kansai airport, we spent our last day together in Osaka visiting Delaram’s high-school friend and now, my dear dear friend Yuka sensei and her adorable family. We shopped, sight-seed, sight-seed? is that a word? ate Osaka-style okonomiyaki, takoyaki (octopus balls) and kushikatsu (not pictured) and people-watched from the upstairs Starbucks lounge all in Shinsaibashi, Osaka’s main shopping area and thus busiest district.