restaurant review

Review no14 Town Tonic

Of all the places I have “reviewed” (more like an excuse to eat even more food) thus far, Town Tonic is by far my favourite! EVERYTHING at Town Tonic is so hot right now! I mean; if fresh and organic juice (customisable to your hearts desire), smashed avocado on toast and a cheekily written menu (“really good parmigiano”) aren’t hip, then I don’t know what is!

I can’t exactly pinpoint where Town Tonic transported me but it sure wasn’t New Zealand! Before you start raging, just give me a chance to explain myself. All I’m trying to say is, Town Tonic is unlike any other place in Christchurch (don’t believe me? check it out for yourself!). In my opinion, some of the newly opened post-earthquake establishments seem sort of unfinished and that’s fine because things take time and all but every aspect of Town Tonic seems complete. The decor is minimal yet highly stylish. My favourite details include the gorgeously drawn chalkboard, the completely open kitchen (where you  have the luxury to watch the chefs prepare your meal – i.e. no funny business) and the ample fresh produce on show.

Lamb Kofta Burger
Grilled Halloumi, Moroccan hummus, tomato, house slaw, eggplant relish and atria potato


Garlic and herb mushrooms, brioche, really good parmigiano, creme fraise, poached eggs and rocket

Mum initially wanted to have the smashed avocado on toast but I persuaded her to order the lamb burger for the sake of the blog and let me just say, she.was.not.disappointed. I have never seen her eat so fast before! (sorry mum). I myself was semi hesitant when ordering the mushrooms (you see, I didn’t want to be all mushroomed out) but to my pleasant surprise, the mushrooms were everything brunch should be and more! Both mum and I agreed our meals were fresh, wholesome and super tasty!

Last but not least, I have a confession to make. The above experience was actually my second time at Town Tonic. The first time, I did not have my camera or any intention to do a review. However; Town Tonic freakin’ blew my mind so much that I had to dine there again. Yes, it was so good (and by good I mean amazing) that I dined there twice. In a row.

If you’re wondering where to go for lunch (or any other meal of the day), seriously wonder no more. I vote Town Tonic 120%.

Review No10 Tequila Mocking Bird

After seeing Tequila Mocking Bird’s well-advertised foodporn all over Facebook, I’d been itching to get my brunch on and try out their deliciousness for myself. To be truly honest, I was secretly hoping they’d make a few mistakes. Don’t get me wrong I don’t take pleasure in bagging establishments, no way, but I don’t want to be that person who simply says everywhere is greeaat either. However; my entire TMB experience was truly faultless. Some pessimists would argue that post earthquake establishments in Christchurch lack character. Personally, I think those individual’s NEED to brunch at Tequila Mocking Bird. FYI, The word character comes from the Greek word kharacter; a stamping tool used to engrave metal. Why am I telling you this? Because TMB will undoubtedly leave a mark on you (figuratively of course). Every single characteristic of TMB is immaculate. My favourite details include the vintage red and blue tiles, the Alice-in-Wonderlandesque bathroom, the stunning crystal chandelier and of course, the Huevos Rancheros (holy, moly, guacamole these were good – see what I did there?).

If you’re looking for the ultimate dining experience (AMAZING food, service and atmosphere) with a South-American twist (because why the hell not?!) I definitely recommend you try Tequila Mocking Bird! If on the other hand, you’re simply after an average meal (sorry, but if that’s the case, we can never be friends), I recommend you go elsewhere.

Oh and if you’re wondering, pictured above are the griddle cooked corn arepas; a lighter/less sickening/less you-need-to-drizzle-me-in-a-crap-load-of-maple-syrup-in-order-to-eat-me version of your usual pancake; mouthwateringly (literally) delicious and the Huevos Rancheros – who knew fried eggs could look so sexy?! I sure didn’t.

For additional info on TMB check out my itsy bitsy comments on We Built This City, HERE.