What Do You Treasure?

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I was SO nervous!
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Finally in Christchurch *love heart eyes*
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First stop, Black & White Coffee Cartel where a little printed sign advised us there’d be no avocado (two words which should never be together) this season. Alas, our bagels were delicious and S particularly liked the NZ bacon nomnom.
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Next, one for the bucket-list. Though rather simple, I had always dreamt of visiting the Riccarton Farmers’ Market with bae. It is truly one of my most favourite places in Christchurch.
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If tea is a hug in a cup, porridge is a cuddle in a bowl, I say. Alll better. Full tummies and grateful hearts. I got the rsf, V, and df option and S ordered the spiced apple, toffee sauce, and walnut crumble porridge.
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When S sent the above photo to his family group chat, his brother asked if that was an egg atop my porridge…Hehe nope! Just honey and yoghurt.
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Things have been pretty surreal, neither of us can actually believe S is finally here. Last night we dined at Tutto Bene. The food was good and the company even greater. We had a lovely French waitress and S mentioned the wonderful paradox of having a French waitress, working at an Italian restaurant in New Zealand serving a table of Persian, Kiwi, and American diners. How beautiful is that? Unity in diversity.
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amaranth porridge and caramelised bananas (vegan, gluten, dairy and sugar free)

This one’s dedicated to my homies back home who are freezing their butts off. Have you heard of amaranth? If you’re shaking your head, click here to find out more from this lady genius. In short, it’s a gluten-free, high protein superfood. It can either be cooked into an oatmeal/porridge or puffed and used as a granola. In Japan, I found amaranth next to the rice and quinoa in the supermarket but in New Zealand, amaranth was in the separate health isle. NOTE: amaranth is an unusual texture…I liked it but I can’t promise you will…
PS this recipe feeds one only so you’ll have to double it if you’re sharing or super hangry.

1/4 cup amaranth
1/2 cup almond milk
1 tsp cinnamon

2 baby bananas or 1 big
dash of pure maple syrup
squeeze of lemon

Soak the amaranth for at least 8 hours but for best results, 24! I know; “ain’t no body got time for that!” but it’s what’s needed if you’re after its precious nutrients.

Drain and rinse the amaranth.

Place all porridge ingredients in a small pot and bring to a boil.

Reduce to a simmer and close the lid.

Stir occasionally until a porridge-like consistency is formed – you may have to add more water/milk.

In the meantime, cut the bananas horizontally with skin on.

Lay on an oven tray and drizzle with maple syrup and a big squeeze of lemon juice.

Bake for 10-15 minutes on 160C in a toaster oven or if you don’t mind wasting electricity, an oven oven.

figgy azalea

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Good morning! Guess what? I seem to have woken up to fig season! This morning I devoured homemade wholemeal toast, fresh figs drizzled in honey, some random cheese labelled “fresh cheese” from the Japanese supermarket and raw walnuts! Yummy! Can’t wait to bake with these beauties! I’m also thinking they’ll go heavenly with my brown rice porridge and/or chia seed pudding! Oh goodness maybe I should make a chia seed and fig jam? Or an upside down fig cake?! Shit, I think I have a problem. Actually, something to make you laugh: the other week I skyped my mama in tears because I accidently ate the whole thing…! But on a positive note, IAATWT has finally surpassed ‘I accidently killed someone’ on Google search. So cheers to that! X

maple and almond brown rice porridge

If it’s starting to cool down where you are then this healthy and wholesome treat is definitely for you! As for me, I don’t know why I made this in the 30 degree Japanese heat but nevertheless, it was delishaashous. In addition, it’s naturally free from gluten, dairy and refined sugar! HEY SIS if you’re reading this, make it!! It’s sooo much better than regular porridge!
1 cup cooked brown rice (cold)
3/4 cup of unsweetened almond milk
cinnamon, however much you like
a splash of genuine maple syrup
topping: fresh fruit, raw nuts and dried fruit (optional)

Recipe makes for 1 so double/triple it if y’all want more!

In a blender whizz together the brown rice and milk until well combined.

Pour mixture into a small pot on medium heat.

Bring to a simmer stirring constantly (about 5 minutes)

To finish, top with cinnamon, maple syrup and optional adds ons!

Oooooh mama is it good!

finally a recipe! (savoury oats – the perfect brekkie to keep you going until lunch)


Savoury oats are so hot right now and here’s why:

-they’re a great source of fibre
-help lower cholesterol re-absorption
-help curb our appetite (keeping us full until lunch!/putting an end to those unnecessary snacks)
-help decrease the risk of colon cancer
-easy (and fast) to make!
-addition of egg=more protein=more gains=enhanced sexiness right?

With savoury oats, there’s no need for honey, maple syrup or fresh fruit to spruce up your morning brekkie so put those aside as I’m sure you’re already sweet enough! (Well, most of you).

This one’s super easy and a little Japanesey!

3/4 cup quick oats (use gf if gf)
3/4 cup skim milk or your fave non dairy alternative
1/2 cup tap water
1 free range egg
1/2 teaspoon of Japanese ‘seven spice’ (a mixture of sansho, tangerine peel, red chilli pepper, flaked nori, black sesame seeds, white poppy seeds and minced garlic)

Anything you like! But I used 1/4 of an avocado, diced.
Raw seeds like sunflower and pumpkin mmm!

First whisk your egg in a small bowl.

Then place all ingredients in a small pot over low heat and using a spoon mix constantly (slave away) until desired porridge consistency is reached.

Top with toppings and enjoy!

review no25 posh porridge/pancakes


Okay first up, this review is so overdue it’s not even funny but here goes.

Posh porridge takes the humble oat to a whole new world (yes, much like Aladdin does Jasmine). I mean, let’s just say, if Goldilocks were to sample this glorious porridge, she’d probably turn into a ravenous bear herself and violently hijack their stand. They (3 lovely vendors who I see operating Posh Porridge every Saturday) serve up the most (and seriously trust me when I say this) delicious porridge (well duh) you can find not only from 9am-1pm on a Saturday in CHCH but EVER. Ah, I sense you scepticism. If you’re not quite convinced and you’re sitting there reading this like: “ah I don’t know, my dad makes some pretty mean oats” then allow the following flavour combinations to blow your mind:

fig & ginger compote, dark chocolate, pistachio crumble
passionfruit curd, meringue coconut crumble, berry crush
banana, toffee sauce, roast almonds
poached rhubarb, vanilla bean custard, crumble

Do I really even need to continue?

As if creating the most delicious oatmeal in CHCH weren’t enough, PP occasionally mix up their menu and also provide delicious pancakes (equally dressed with posh and flavoursome toppings) and bircher muesli/overnight oats which is seriously on trend right now.

So Christchurch gave us an epic summer this year with bits and pieces still lingering about but as the colder months creep in, there’s no other disposable plate my frosty mitts would rather be clutching on a Saturday morning than a bowl of hot organic oatmeal. However, arguably the most popular stand at the Farmer’s Market, PP tends to get quite busy so be prepared to have to fight your way through the crowd in order to place your oatmeal request then hover close by with the millions of other porridge-eaters until your name is called. Although the queue is constant, the wait is seriously worth it!