Just witnessed the most beautiful thing I have ever seen in my entire life.
My colleague and her husband took me to see the fireflies
on a river bridge, in the heart of the woods, surrounded by mountains
on each side.
The lime-green sparkle of the endless fireflies against the pitch black dark…
WOW just wow.
It was not real life.
Amidst thought of awe, wonder and gratitude,
I began wishing I could be there with someone else.
My immediate family or a lover.
Oh how romantic it would be to be gazing at the lights with someone
I loved.
I blame Hollywood or Brad and Angelina.
But I made myself snap out of it.
I enjoyed the moment as it was.
As I was.
As I am.
And, it was enough.


Singledom is underrated
I am solo
but i don’t feel alone
today is MY day
there’s so much to do
I’ve streets to explore
kind faces to encounter
“conversations” to be had
(even if they’re in sign language)
exotic foods to try
and pretend to like
trains to ride
and get lost on
words to misunderstand
and finally
achievement to be felt
when i arrive back home
solo as before
but not alone.