Christchurch Night Noodle Market

Last night I went to the CHCH night noodle market with my momma and later, my sister and brother-in-law joined us. Being CHCH, I also bumped into one, two, three friends. I had fun. In all honestly, the food was average (yeah, yeah food snob) but the ambience was great! I absolutely love CHCH in the summer. The market is on until Sunday, prices range from $5 to $15, and you can find more information HERE.

Speaking of noodles/Asian food, pretty please with a quail egg on top check out my new Savvy Tokyo article, 8 Japanese Films for Foodies HERE.
So I asked for two chicken and one eggplant/tofu BAO but I got given a duck instead. Now tell me, since I’m not a BAO enthusiast, is the bread supposed to taste like cake (it was super sweet)? Looked better than it tasted (oh no she didn’t!). image-1
These however were real good. Maybe a little dare but I think totally worth it. Not too sweet, very natural tasting and chic, too! Double win.
Yummy but served warm/cold. More on the cold side. But tasty regardless. As you can see, I did my best to abuse the DIY topping station. In all fairness, the dumplings were generously filled to the brim with plump shrimp and prawn. image
Mama says: peace!

Shakshuka and cake

We had a small surprise party for Hiromi’s birthday this morning. I made my shakshuka recipe (here) and replaced the eggplants with capsicum which the Japanese people call paprika and the American’s I’ve met here call bell pepper. It was a good choice because Hiromi’s French husband, Olivier is an amazing baker (Hugo et Leo). So, with the abundance of bread present, dipping, eating with hands and plate-cleaning via bread piece were all mandatory.

tropical blueberry smoothie (vegan, sugar, gluten and dairy free)

I am just sitting here, in my apartment, sweating. Humidity is gross. HELP ME.
image image[1]
To combat Japan’s intense heat, I’ve decided to surpass this summer by living on an entirely smoothie-bowl diet. Just kidding – not really. This one’s healthy as (just refer to title), delicious and real prudddy!

1 cup unsweetened light coconut milk
1/2 cup frozen tropical fruit
1 frozen banana

2 tbsp all-natural canned blueberries
1 tbsp unsweetened shredded coconut

Whizz together all smoothie ingredients in a blender until smooth – you may need to add a little extra milk…

To finish, decorate with blueberries and shredded coconut in an instagram-worthy fashion.

Enjoy mindfully, sitting down with a SPOON. This is because many smoothie drinks are packed with so much goodness and nutrition that they’re actual meals in themselves. So, treat them that way and avoid over eating. Also, using a spoon aids chewing and thus better digestion. In addition, sitting down and mindfully enjoying a smoothie bowl as a meal rather than sipping a smoothie drink on the go, keeps us feeling fuller and more satisfied for longer.