These HEALTHY four ingredient pancakes will change your life!

I have a confession to make. Sometimes (okay, most-times) I day dream about waking up to the smell of pancakes being especially made for ME by a lover. And, if he resembles Channing Tatum’s character from The Vow, well then, that’s a bonus but really who am I kidding, I just want the pancakes. And luuurrrrve. But, this ain’t that type of food blog. Here at Iaccidentlyatethewholething we (and by “we” I mean me, just me, one, uno, ichi,) don’t like to mix the personal with the recipe. So here it is, the recipe that will change your sad, lonely, wherethefuckishe single life. For this is a NEW age (apparently) where I don’t need no man and definitely not one to cook for me (and rub my feet, and listen to my worries, and hold my groceries) cos I’m an independent woman who can do all that for herself (or so my mother tells me).

Shit. Did I just mix the personal with the recipe? My bad. SO THE RECIPE is sugar-free, gluten-free, dairy-free and vegan. In other words, it’s broccoli.

1 large banana
1/2 cup of quick oats (use GF if GF)
1/2 cup of milk of your choice (I used naturally sweetened organic almond milk)
1/4 tsp baking soda

Blend all ingredients together until smooth

Grill in a skillet greased with a little coconut oil for a minute or two until golden on both sides.

I served mine with yogurt, blueberries, raw walnuts and honey.

image[1] image

My colleagues and I are out of control

Today was the fourth or fifth teacher’s only day we’ve had since I’ve been here. So, as per tradition (started by moi); we cooked together. On today’s menu: pancakes, yoghurt, berries, banana, silvered almonds and 100% pure maple syrup. OISHI! I’m off to Cambodia now and by that I mean I have to drive 40 min out of this rural village, take a highway bus for 2.5 hours to Osaka then an airport bus for an hour to Kansai airport. Wish me luck! And watch this space for Cambodia snaps come Wednesday xxx

PS on the bottom right corner of the last image is a printed picture of our last teacher’s only day. You can read about it here.

review no32 cocogarden


Stop what you’re doing for I have just stumbled upon the sole reason I may decide to stay in Japan for the entirety of my life. Yes, forever. Nestled deep within the picturesque woods of rural Japan, Cocogarden is every foodie’s haven.

First off, you know it’s gonna be good when you arrive at 9.45, the place doesn’t even open until 10am and there’s already the biggest line you have ever seen, ever, waiting to get inside.

Shu cream (Japanese custard filled cream puffs)
and more
but wait for it…
Yes, it’s all organic and of the highest quality so oh my goodness, I can’t even.

In addition to mouthwateringly fluffy pancakes, my favourite details included the tall glass windows (see above) with a great view onto the mountains, their extensive gift shop (filled with endless goodies: puddings, tarts and cakes), the gelato caravan out front (which has asparagus gelato, yes asparagus) and the staff’s uniform!

For more info, head to their website here.


Anisa’s Infamous Pancakes


Long before I started blogging, I continously expressed my pancake addiction through social media. To be honest, I even thought of opening my own pancake parlour. No joke, it could still happen. Would anyone in Christchurch be interested? Anyhow, I know you’re not here for me, let alone my goals and aspirations so I’mma save you the hassle and skip to the recipe.

So freakin’ yum and HEALTHY (yes, there is such a thing!) I guarantee you can’t take a mouthful without pausing to say ‘ermagardthisissogood’.

2 large ripe bananas
2 free range eggs
1/2 cup soft oats (GF options available)
1/2 cup wholemeal flour (can be replaced by GF flour)
1/2 cup almond meal 
1 tsp baking soda
1 tsp baking powder

In a food processor, whizz all ingredients together.

Grill heaped tablespoons in a stick-proof skillet (I actually make mine on a crepe maker – if you can get your hands on one, then DO IT. They’re perfect for pancakes. Not only can you make 4-5 pancakes at a time, you don’t have to use any extra fat to prevent sticking). However; if your skillet is shit, grease it with a little butter, coconut oil or ghee. They take about 2 minutes on each side – don’t rush flipping them or they’ll fall apart.

We served ours with fresh fruit, pure maple syrup and yoghurt.

Also good with nut butter and honey.

Nutella, too.

And raspberries.

And cream.

Please excuse me while I drool into my keyboard.

*refined-sugar free