me time

Fancy Bananas

Today is White Day, a Japanese FEMALE exclusive Valentine’s Day, if you will. So to celebrate myself, I took the time to assemble these fancy bananas for my breakfast. Self love 101!

All natural nut butter, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, walnuts, slivered almonds, raisins and unsweetened dedicated coconut! Surprisingly filling ^.^

A Note On Japanese Dressing Rooms

Konnichiwa! Currently at Tottori (the least populated prefecture of Japan) Starbucks, sipping on a very-missed soy chai latte, eating a “green vegetables and basil sauce” wrap and writing these very words to you. Since I had nothing planned today, I decided to make it my day and do all the things which I enjoy. I started off by driving to Tottori City but when I saw the incredible snow covered landscape, I thought, gosh, I have to switch to a train to be able to take photos without crashing into a wall. Though, I managed to take one sneaky car shot, too.

Having lived in a super inaka (that’s Japanese for rural) place for the last 10 months, going to a shopping mall and a Starbucks has ironically, become a breath of fresh air for me. Is that weird? Can you relate? Like you need to see some lights? Some colour? Nature is beautiful but I ain’t no bear! Anyways, enough poetry. I want to tell you about Japanese changing rooms. Basically, there’s two things you gotta know. One, the first thing you ought to do is to remove your shoes. Always. Which is another reason why slip-on shoes are so vital in Japan. And two, use a polystyrene mask (found inside every changing room) to cover your face before trying anything on. Which I think is a brilliant idea because I cannot tell you how many times I’ve found a blouse that I’ve wanted to buy but couldn’t because of an oompa loompa foundation mark. Okay, that’s all. Enjoy the photos, like my Facebook page, follow my Instagram and share every one of my posts (tehe).image[3]image[8]image[9]image