Pull Up A Chair

“Pull up a chair. Take a taste. Come join us. Life is so endlessly delicious.”
― Ruth Reic

Had the most wonderful Saturday yesterday and I couldn’t wait to tell you about it but I just crashed when I got home. Tis what good food in belly does to you, people! First, a delicious home-cooked and I mean, really home-cooked meal by my dear friends, Mina and Shogo: vegetable medley, cabbage salad with koji dressing (like a super healthy fermented salt) and home-made kimchi (thanks Leo).

Next, we made hummus (to take for dinner later). We made two kinds using this recipe. The one difference being, we used homemade peanut butter for one and for the other, homemade tahini – which by the way, is essentially, blitzing 100% peanuts or 100% sesame seeds in a food processor until they naturally release their oils and a paste forms. Both good.

Next, Yukuli Cafe (third picture) in Setouchi where we had delicious Americanos and even more delicious sweets: traditional lemon and blueberry cake (the owner’s mom’s own recipe) and apple, cinnamon and walnut sponge cake. It was my first time at Yukuli and I felt the place (and the owners) had great energy. Perhaps the large glass windows letting in all that glorious light were to account for. Anyways, definitely a place worth visiting. Even more so for the English menu and late opening hours (23:00).

Last but not least, Munchies Pizzeria (coming soon) where I finally ate REAL pizza in Japan. And perhaps even better than the pizza (if there is such a thing) were the passionate owners who I wish I could have taken home with me. Absolutely precious couple. So so sweet. What a day!

Happy Valentines Day everyone. Or Galantines day? That’s the new trend, is it? Clearly, as you can see, I’m in an open-relationship with munchies (of all kinds).