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Homemade Vanilla Soft Serve

For me, summer is a season of contradictions. On the one hand, the hot weather makes me want to face-plant into a chocolate sundae and on the other, I want to lose weight.

My antidote: homemade vanilla soft serve.

Not only will my jeans thank me for shovelling this deliciousness down my gob instead of a Magnum, so will my busy schedule as this recipe literally takes less than a minute to get from my freezer, to my food processor, to my mouth.

4 frozen bananas (broken into small chunks)
1 tsp pure vanilla extract
1 cup coconut or almond milk

Simply blend all ingredients in a high speed food processor until a smooth soft-serve consistency is achieved.

Enjoy immediately plain or top with yummy stuff.

I topped mine with coconut chips and Whittakers 72% dark chocolate…

Also good with fresh strawberries…

And natural peanut butter…

Or a mixture of both!

PS This recipe is not only healthy and delicious but also naturally free from dairy, gluten and refined-sugar, making it an ideal ice-cream alternative for you and your little munchkins! X

Everybody Chill Out!

Nothing says ‘summer’s coming’ quite like a cliched gelato pic in Rome. And by Rome, I mean the Riccarton House Farmers’ Market.

Rhubarb & Vanilla Sorbet – organic rhubarb, organic vanilla from Papua New Guinea & sugar.
Orange & Elderflower – fresh NZ Navel oranges, Smugglers Cove elderflower & sugar.
Sumner lemon & Yoghurt – organic yoghurt, organic lemons & sugar.
Belgian Chocolate – organic milk, cream, FR eggs, milk and dark Callebaut chocolate & sugar.

To celebrate a break in the chilly Christchurch weather and the start of a hot-to-be Summer (touch wood), my sister and I indulged in mouthwatering gelato at the Saturday Farmers’ Market this weekend. Sitting in the sun by the riverbank, it was pure bliss! We regret nothing. Seriously. Utopia Ice serves gelato that’s much healthier than most ice-creams but with a heavenly rich taste you won’t believe! So, if you want to satisfy your sweet tooth minus the guilt, I definitely recommend you thank Mother Nature for turning up the dial on ice-cream weather by devouring a big cup of Utopia Ice. (I like big cups and I cannot lie.)