Yaki Japanese food

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I think yaki in Japanese means grilled but I can’t be sure. Definitely doesn’t mean yucky cos everything yaki is too good – have I given you a headache yet? The following is a vague (but simple) recipe for making yaki noodles.

The reason why it’s easy is that Japanese supermarkets stock pre-cooked noodles (soba, ramen, udon, you name it they’ve got it).  Also, pre-cut vegetables but I think everywhere has that. Anyways, I wasn’t quite THAT lazy, I bought my veggies whole.

cooking oil
pre-cooked noodles (or, if your country doesn’t offer that luxury, make plain noodles, drain, cool)
cut veggies: I used cabbage, yellow onion, carrot, green capsicum and sprouts
meat (optional): we used bacon and salmon (separately, on different occasions)
yaki soba sauce (probably available at most Asian food stores)
salt and pepper

Heat two frying pans on medium heat.

Place veggies and meat with a little cooking oil in one and the noodles in the other.

Once the veggies are half cooked, add them to the noodle pan.

Mix well.

Add salt and pepper then a big squirt of sauce.

Cook for a further minute or two.

DAS it people. So easy, so yummy (or should I say yaki?)