fruit picking

i got 99 problems but a peach aint one

My lovely friend Paige and I went peach picking today! And goodness were they delicious. I wish you could all taste how juicy and sweet these peaches were! No wonder they’re so expensive! They’re taken the utmost care of and they’re Ginormous!
If you’re in/around Okayama be sure to try one or four (yes I ate FOUR) for yourself. But where you ask? Nishiyama Farm, I say!

PS this is the very first time I’ve posted a picture of myself here. So, just prepare yourself you know, before you know it i’ll be hashtag outfitoftheday-ing all over the place.


strawberry buffet

My friend Hannah and I (yes, I’ve made a friend!) went “strawberry picking” in Okayama today. To our surprise, it wasn’t strawberry picking as we’d previously experienced! We were given a plastic container/plate with two compartments. One was filled with condensed milk and the other empty, for strawberry leafs/tops. In other words, this was not PYO strawberries to take away and enjoy later but instead, we were given 50 minutes to eat as many strawberries as we could handle for the price of 1800 yen – a kind of strawberry buffet, if you will. And OH MAN, was the tummy ache worth it! On our way out, we were given a pamphlet advertising peach and grape picking/eating available from mid July which shall no doubt be featuring on iaccidentlyatethewholefarm. What fun!