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Use The Power Of Intent To Clear A Path For Yourself

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As you may have heard, NZ received a lot of rain as of late. My prayers and sympathetic thoughts to those whose lives were greatly affected. Fortunately for us, our household just further glimmered. My parents and I spent even more time than usual together and I made “healthy” French toast for them. It’s actually very simple! For the three of us, I soaked 6 pieces of gluten free bread in a beaten mixture of 3 free-ranges, 1 cup of unsweetened almond milk, and 1 tsp cinnamon, then fried them in a hot pan with a little coconut oil until nice and golden. Last, I topped them with fresh fruit, honey, and plain yoghurt (not pictured). Image-1 (1)
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Never enough herbs in a Persian woman’s garden.
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Can you see what I see? On the last day of term, we made an Easter egg hunt for the little munchkins. Image (12)Image (13)
And… one for the big munchkin who really shouldn’t be having one in the first place.
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Another day, another green smoothie. These are also super easy to make. Simply blitz together in a high-powered blender: 2 frozen bananas (frozen bananas make your smoothies colder and creamier), 2 large handfuls of spinach (stalks and all), a big dollop of natural yoghurt, 1 cup unsweetened almond milk, and 1 tsp cinnamon. Top with favourites.
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I found out the hard way that jandals were not appropriate wear for yesterday’s Saturday Farmers’ Market. As I walked into a muddy puddle and splashed gunk all over myself, I overheard a father telling his little girl not to worry about getting dirty as she, in her pink gumboots, was appropriately dressed – I couldn’t help but take his comment as a personal dig to my existence.
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Giant delicious organic apple from the organic apple people at the Saturday Farmers’ Market (sorry I don’t know your company name). Image (8)
For as long as I have been coming to Sumner, I have been in mad-love with that itsy bitsy yellow house bursting with character. I sent this photo to Soroosh expressing this, and he replies: “I like the modern house next to it.” BLAH Image (1)
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Almost finished writing back to my Japanese students ^.^
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Mojgan joon, I wish you were here to accompany me on my walking adventures. Alas, I think of you always – the coming Autumn leaves further remind me of my unforgettable time with your beautiful family in beautiful Nashville. Image-1 (6)
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Last but not least, a picture sent to me by my dear mentor and friend. AKA Soroosh’s father. Guys, I am so impressed and inspired by him. Rick is a man of so many talents. But most of all, he is joyful, he is understanding, and he is compassionate. Also, big-ups for food-presentation and food-photography, and your recently written article HERE.

Gluten, dairy and refined-sugar free French toast

I had forgotten just how GOOD French toast tastes! This is what happens when you get stuck into a routine people! This recipe is naturally free from gluten, dairy and refined-sugar.
1/4 cup unsweetened almond milk
1 free range egg
pinch of cinnamon
2 slices of good quality GF bread

2 tsp coconut oil
handful of raw walnuts
pure maple syrup (optional)
fresh fruit

Beat the egg milk and cinnamon together.

Soak bread in egg/milk mixture.

Melt coconut oil in a frying pan on medium heat. Once hot, add bread.

Cook for 2 minutes then flip.

Add walnuts to pan and fry alongside.

When toast is golden on both sides, serve with maple syrup (optional but necessary in my opinion) and fresh fruit of choice.

review no27 cafe rocky garden

First and foremost, Cafe Rocky Garden is dedicated to the owner’s deceased corgi. Need I say more? If adorable corgi-inspired decor isnt enough to lure you in, then I don’t know what will! Actually, I lie. The french toast is bloody good too. Situated in Katsuta, Rocky Garden camofolouged by the surrounding greeny (aka Mimasaka) is easy to miss but once you find it, it shall forever stand out (just call me cheese).

In addition to my french toast which was super big and fluffly (as all good french toast should be) I ordered a “cinammon latte” which was actually milky instant coffee, topped with sweet cream, maple syrup and cinnamon powder but, it was seriously divine. According to my colleagues they also do a delicious Japanese curry for lunch.

Whats-more, Cafe Rocky Garden  sells potted plants and vintage knick-knacks, also.

For the location, please address (see what I did there?) the all knowing Godgle as my Japanese/technology-skills fail me here.