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Zeppole Di Patate AKA the best thing I’ve ever eaten

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Yesterday I decided to cut sugar out of my diet for a month. A mere eight hours later, I gave in to zeppole di patate, a highly delicious (to put it mildly) Italian doughnut or donut. For once, I was/am lost for words. Imagine a plain donut (morethanamazing in itself) in mini bite-size form (perfect for shoving down gob) filled with chocolate or vanilla cream then presented one on top of the other, in a tower-like fashion on a handy wooden stick – aesthetic and practical! The taste you ask? Donut even get me started because I won’t be able to stop! These little rounds of heaven are seriously outofthisworld delicious (shit, I’m salivating into the keyboard). I have always dreamt of visiting Italy. You know, for the glorious architecture, the mouthwatering pizza margaritas, the iconic gelato and by all that, I mean the attractive0 (to put it politely) men but as of yesterday, the motivations behind my future Italian getaway were entirely revived. All praise the zeppole di patate. My goodness, even the name makes me hungry. Screw cutting sugar. It’s safe to say, these sweet rounds of dough definitely taste better than skinny will feel, ever.

I’m not sure where you can get these babies from in Christchurch (which is where I presume most of my followers reside) but in Tauranga, you can find this adorable trio (here I am referring to both donut and donut vendors) at the weekly Thursday night market in Papamoa, Dinner in the Domain; a lively feel-good market not only equipped with a variety of tasty eateries but also sporting a damn fine sea view – definitely a must!

One last thing, why is taking pictures of food so frowned upon? Am considering tattooing “I have a food blog, stop staring at me” across my forehead. Thoughts?