I Hate Japanese Valentines Days

This isn’t another bitter single-gal post, I promise. Japanese Valentines Days actually sck and in a big way. I’m serious. Well, it sucks for the girls because on V day, it’s the girls and only the girls who are to gift chocolates to the MEN. Yep, the tables turn and in a big way. So all this chocolate, all these fancy boxes with even fancier wrappings, are all for HIM! Lame.

But, in their defence, one month later, on March 14th, the Japanese celebrate/participate in a Japanese only (I think) celebratory day called White Day, which is when men are supposed to give return gifts to the women who had gifted them a month prior. Which, is kind of unfair seeing as you HAVE to give to take…Hehe.

Below are pictures from the chocolate expose of the Tenmaya Department Store in Okayama (floor 6) where there are 100 different varieties of fancy chocolate, including TESTERS. Yes, testers! Go, go, go!

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