Shakshuka and cake

We had a small surprise party for Hiromi’s birthday this morning. I made my shakshuka recipe (here) and replaced the eggplants with capsicum which the Japanese people call paprika and the American’s I’ve met here call bell pepper. It was a good choice because Hiromi’s French husband, Olivier is an amazing baker (Hugo et Leo). So, with the abundance of bread present, dipping, eating with hands and plate-cleaning via bread piece were all mandatory.

scrambled eggs in the microwave

So as with anything in life, there are pros AND cons to my new abode. For instance, my little home doesn’t really have a stove..or an oven.. well, I have one single stove thing but it takes AGES to heat up and even longer to COOL down. In short, it’s shit and it wastes a lot of energy! So today, I experimented by making scrambled eggs in the MICROWAVE. Obviously this has been done before as there are numerous recipes posted over the internet but I am so overjoyed at my success that I just HAD to share the “recipe” with you! 1 free range egg 1/4 cup milk Place both ingredients in a microwave safe cup and whisk until combined. Microwave on high for 50 seconds, stir. Then microwave for a further 45 seconds. To finish, sprinkle with seasoning – I used Japanese 7 spice. Oh my goodness; so fluffy and quick! Why hadn’t I made this before?!

TGIM – Thank God It’s Monday

This morning, I came across the following phrase on the internet and I instantly fell in love:
“TGIM – Thank God It’s Monday”

So, TGIM everyone! Wishing you all a week of health and happiness.

I’m welcoming a busy week ahead by nourishing my body with boiled free-range eggs and steamed asparagus soldiers. If you would also like to do the same, then all you need is a bunch of asparagus and some eggs. First, wash the asparagus, then bend each spear until it snaps; to remove the woody bottom end. To cook, boil or steam. Thin spears take about 2-3 minutes whilst thicker spears take 3-5 (keep an eye on them to avoid overcooking – ideally, the spears should be firm enough for dipping). Next, soft boil your eggs (3-4 minutes) then serve with the warm asparagus. Lastly, get dipping!