dress ups

The Best Day Of My Life

Day 11, we took this whole Japan thing to a whole new level. My sweet sweet friend, Fukuda sensei let my parents and I wear her family’s kimonos for a photoshoot. As I had previously worn her own kimono, this time I wore her sisters’. My mother wore her mothers’ and my father, her fathers’. Can you believe that? The generosity of the woman? I am speechless and forever grateful. I will always remember this day. Next, we ate an entirely vegan lunch! Yes, that “ham” is not ham at all.

Princess Anisa

Today I had a probably-once-in-a-life-time opportunity, unless I end up marrying a Japanese man, of wearing a beautiful Kimono! It took a while (about 20 min) to put all of the separate pieces on but in the end, it was magical. My heart is so utterly full with love and gratitude. Fukuda sensei, thank you thank you thank you.