I think after a year of blogging it’s time for a GIVEAWAY don’t you?

Unfortunately it’s not deep fried avocado.

Nor is it anything remotely edible.

But, it’s still pretty freakin’ cool. Ask Mandy, she¬†knows.

You may have noticed this extremely happy piece of cutlery in a few of my cooking posts. Well, today I was gifted a set of two more smiley bamboo spoons and since I already have one, and my mother, sister and Mandy have already had one sent out to them by moi, then this merry pair could be YOURS! Speaking of merry, let’s call it a Christmas giveaway; open to anyone, anywhere.

The rules are simple.

LIKE iaccidentlyatethewhole thing on Facebook then tag a friend in the Facebook post about this giveaway.

Giveaway closes Sunday 29th.

Winner will be announced Monday 30th.