There Is Mushroom In My Heart For You

Getting mushy. Why not.
Distance is annihilated and prevents not the close and intimate association of two souls that are closely attached in heart even though they may be in two different countries.(‘Abdu’l-Bahá)image-1-png-11
Guess who made what? ;)
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And last but not least, the single worst picture you will ever see. Are you ready?

Okunoshima Rabbit Island

Rabbit Island totally exceeded my expectations. A few years back, I’d gone to Monkey Island in Phuket (Thailand) and it was interesting but it was also really filthy and the monkeys looked sick and frightening. Of course (I should have known), being Japan, Okunoshima was immaculately clean. The rabbits, too. Also, they looked happy and healthy and were scattered, throughout the island not piled in one spot as I had imagined.

Further, turns out Okunoshima used to house a poisonous gas factory during the Second World War. So there was a museum (a little gruesome) with many interesting historicals (I made that a word).

Also, the island has a hotel. So you can stay on the island with the bunnies if you that’s what your heart desires. You can hire a bike, too. Or just walk around the island like we did which took only about 35 minutes.

Oh, it was wonderful (even though I was third wheeling). Hope you guys enjoy the pictures. I tried my best to take nice ones.

The photo I want to point out is the picture of the two carrot bags. To the right, carrots for the rabbits and to the left, carrots for Anisa (in case I got hungry/jealous).