country life

Not Tokyo

Life in Ohara featuring a chocolate and banana danish from Nutty Plant, a healthy blackcurrant and cacao smoothie bowl recipe found HERE and a box full of paper cranes. Now, about the latter. Let me tell you, it is not a mere stereotype. EVERYONE in Japan knows how to make a paper crane. Today my Japanese co-worker gave the new first-graders 60 seconds to make a paper crane to use in introducing themselves and guess what? They did. Everyone did. Each and every student. It was so Japanese and so awesome.

even heartache doesn’t last forever

How do I know I’m over him?
because after
an embarassingly
long time
my prose is about
elderly citizens
perched atop
carefully cultivated
vegetable patches
leguminous desserts
ancient houses
big business men
with fluorescent-pink
electronic devises
golden castles
proud princes
fishy flavors
swaying lanterns
warm spring
curious faces
bento boxes
bicycle baskets
claustrophobic houses
vs limitless paddocks
dainty chopsticks
trees, steams, mountains
but not him.