Three Japanese Instagrams you should be following

In essence, three things make up Japan:

and Cats.

The following are three Japanese Insta accounts which according to yours truly,  immaculately showcase just that.


@Jibsey captures (through some insanely good photos) the electric energy, the hustle and bustle, the high-rise buildings, the lights, the sex, the old, the new, the beautiful and the ugly that makes the world’s greatest city, Tokyo.


Every day, Atusya makes me salivate. From my understanding, he’s the exceptional head chef of MATE CAFE and bloody talented. He shares saliva-inducing creations from traditional  Japanese food to mama mia Italian pasta. In my opinion, his feed is a breath of fresh air among the infinite monotonous insta foodies accounts blending into one giant raw bar.


I was never a cat person. Without a smidgen of hesitation I’d always answer (and by answer, I mean proudly scream) “DOG!” to the this or that question. However; following u_m_e_c_o has changed my perspective. This I believe, is due to the genius pairing of the once snobby, moody, scratchy cat with my one and only: FOOD. Seriously. I can’t even. I go to sleep mesmerized by u_m_e_c_o’s  feed and wake up in desperation to check it. Watashi wa cat-addict desu. If there’s one account you ought to be following, it’s THIS!