Only Human

Just because I photograph beautiful things and post inspirational quotes doesn’t mean I have it together. I’m struggling. Big time. I can’t wait to leave. Everything is so unnecessarily difficult here. None of these pictures show that though. Just like none of your Facebook friends’ photos show their reality. Life is not black and white. Sometimes it’s gloomy grey and sometimes it’s sparkling silver.

Unity in Diversity

Happy Hanukkah from a Baha’i Iranian-kiwi, a Jewish Israeli and a Buddhist Japanese (and mini international Oz too, of course).

One planet, one people, please!
PS these cookies were made with Kinako (soy bean powder) but since Aki winged the recipe, I can’t give you the exact proportions. Alas, they’ve been added it to my ‘things to cook’ list and I’ve already book-marked a few recipes which I’d like to try and make healthy/vegan. Eeee excited! So, watch this space xx