Nara Photo Diary

Nara is that place in Japan where once wild but now tame Bambi roam.  Before Tokyo and Kyoto, Nara used to be the capital. This means two things: 1. the city is beautiful; many traditional buildings and ancient streets now home to artsy cafes and trendy stores to explore and 2. it’s a popular destination for school trips so you’ll be seeing/bumping into many (and I mean MANY) peeps in uniform. The prefecture’s mascot, Sento-kun is a funny looking half-deer, half-Buddha boy which, as you can imagine has offended many people. Hmmm what else? There are many shrines and temples but perhaps the most popular touristy attractions are Todaiji Temple (home of the big Buddha) and Nara Park (the deer home). As far as I understood, Nara isn’t famous for a specific type of food but you can find almost everything Japanesey (or shitty Italian) if you wish to.

I hope you enjoy my photo diary, taken and edited on my iPhone.
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I Walk Up Like This

image (2)
image (3)
A break from food (what is such a thing?!) here’s some snaps from the few nature walks I have been fortunate enough to take whilst travelling the North Island of beautiful New Zealand. To cleanse your palate, if you will. Oh and if you’re wondering, the first 4 images are from the Mt. Zion track in Piha (Auckland) and the last three images are from the Kauaeranga Kauri trail on the Coromandel peninsula.