About the girl:
Hi, my name is Anisa and I am an emmigration officer’s worst nightmare. I was born in Iran, raised in New Zealand and recently teaching English in Japan. Now, I am travelling as much as my body and budget allows it. My favorite thing in the world, after my mother is literature. I live and breathe it. Aside from that, I enjoy spending long hours in the kitchen, dining out, early morning runs, fruit-salads, bookshops and good quality dark chocolate.

About the blog:
For as long as I can remember, people have always teased me for taking pictures of my food. So, after several suggestions (which I took as confirmation from above) I decided to start I Accidently Ate The Whole Thing. Here you’ll find simple, healthy and delicious (yes, there is such a thing) recipes, restaurant/product reviews and other exciting (if I say so myself) bits and pieces. Mmmmm reese’s.

About the name:
Two years ago I read an article titled “Untranslatable Words”. One word in particular stood out for me: shemomedjamo. It’s a Georgian word describing the many a occasion when you’re really full but your meal is just so damn tasty that you can’t stop shoveling it down your gob. Well my friend, the Georgians feel your (our/my) pain! Shemomedjamo loosely translates to “I accidently ate the whole thing”.

Me, in expensive muesli bar form.


  1. Hi Anisa,
    I’ve been a follower for a while and I really enjoy your posts. Not sure if this would be your thing but my blog was nominated to take a 3 quotes for 3 days challenge where I am supposed to nominate other blogs to take the challenge. Seems like a fun way to share some inspiration and recognize your other favourite blogs. Do you mind if I nominate you?

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  2. Hi! Thank you taking a gander at my blog. Definitely bookmarking yours. I’m not a great cook, but hopefully I can learn. Either that, or I send my hubby to this blog.

    P.S. Love the name!!

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  3. Anisa,
    your blog is uplifting and inspirational- two more of my favorite things. I appreciate you stopping by to read one of my posts on needleandthorn. I am a firm believer that we are all connected in some way; my nephew, Jared, recently completed his adventure teaching English in Japan and now finds himself in Australia where, I expect, he will soon plant roots. I work for a college in NY and I am so inspired by, and proud of a generation of young hopefuls who think and act in a globally conscious manner.
    Keep making life delicious :)

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  4. Hi Anisa! I came to your blog via Savvy Tokyo. I’m a fellow foodie blogger write based in Tokyo and write for Savvy as well. After reading your latest article about Kinako I glanced at your bio and had to reach out. I’m Georgian and seeing you mention shemomechama made my heart pitter-patter. Are you still in Japan? I’d love to meet up over coffee, if you’re available. :) xx, nano | http://www.travelwithnanob.com

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    1. Hi Nano! So lovely to meet you!! You’re Georgian, WOW! Fortunately/unfortunately (depending on how you look at it!) I’m living back home in New Zealand now! Otherwise, I would have LOVED to meet you in person! You seem lovely! Alas, for now we can have an online friendship :D <3

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  5. I accidently found your blog :-). For a glance I thought you were Albanian (we do have a lot of Anisa here LOL), but then I read your About page. Since then, I’m one of your followers. Congratulations on your big event :-)
    Hugs form Tirana

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