Ask Yourself Kindly: What Do You Need?

I have started doing things a little differently and so far my tummy feels very light and happy. If you’ve talked to me about my eating habits, you’ll know that I don’t like to label them. This is because I personally find living life, gladdening hearts, and making memories just as important as saving the planet and being healthy. What I’m trying to say is, if my new Japanese friend invites me over with utmost glee and sits me down with a big plate of lovingly homemade pork yakitori, well, I’m not going to break her heart and request broccoli. Anyways, I have finally started listening to the digestion experts by eating fruit first thing, on an empty stomach, in the morning. This has something to do with fruit often “rotting” in the stomach and thus causing poor-digestion and stomach-bloating. So, I eat my little bowl of fruit… I wait 15 to 20 minutes then I eat my muesli. Now, to complicate things even further… I’ve gone gluten-free. Of course, becoming gluten-free isn’t for everybody but as I said, so far, my tummy feels very light and happy. Surprisingly, it’s been very easy. Almost everywhere have gluten-free options and at home, all I’ve had to change is my bread and muesli. Bread I bought from the supermarket – super easy. And muesli, I swapped the oats in my homemade recipe to buckwheat puffs. So I dry toast nuts, seeds, honey, coconut oil and cinnamon in a frying pan and once cool, mix with dried fruit and buckwheat puffs (basically popcorn for breakfast – can’t complain). Next I want to try quinoa puffs and buckwheat groats. I will keep you updated anyhow. image-1
While you work from an office… (hehe).image-5
Vanilla bean and gooseberries with rye crumble, blueberry, Greek yoghurt and mint and cherry, plum and Earl Grey, strawberry and rhubarb, coconut and passionfruit, coconut and dark chocolate. Mandy you a Genius! #UtopiaIce
Sea salt caramel and popcorn ice-cream. Heaven is real and it comes in a tub. Save me.
Easy snack idea for the 19 Day Bahai Feast – though I had trouble sticking the feta through the bamboo sticks without them falling apart so my momma suggested I end with the feta by simply pricking it a teeny tiny bit only. image-3
Physical feasting on snacks generously brought by friends after some serious soul-food! In the words of Abdu’l-Bahá, “My heart is in a constant state of thanksgiving.”


  1. Just got some dried apricots from Pakistan from a friend of mine. He suggested soaking for about 36 hours in water, then eating. Thoughts or suggestions for serving appreciated. Also- love the idea for the kabob with the cherry tomatoes, green olives and feta. So colorful and must be delicious. Your mom was right- it does work as she suggested! Moms are geniuses, right? Photos are great as usual. Can you disclose the ocean location in your next post?


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  2. Hi, Anisa! Thanks for more flavors! I pick Earl Grey-Plum, too! Then coconut-passionfruit and (and?) strawberry-rhubarb! We used to make a great strawberry-rhubarb side dish for Thanksgiving, instead of cranberry sauce. I like the saying about “My heart is a constant state of thanksgiving” within the texts of your faith. That’s so sweet. And your feast is sweet, too! So nice to be with brothers all together, as we say!

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    1. Hey love, I think you’re right but I have heard that some gluten-intolerant people can’t have oats either.. like they’re not 100% gluten-free? I don’t know.. Maybe I will slowly introduce them back into my diet hehe.

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      1. As a private chef, I thought I’ve heard it all, but it seems there’s always something new… “Food sensitives” is by now a great commercial force, many times based on nothing valid.
        As for gluten, I believe in “all in moderation”, (excluding, of course, those diagnosed with Celiac disease).
        However, we all have our personal sensitives, so it’s best to follow your guts (literally!) :)


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