Old Ways Won’t Open New Doors

Tried this before? Coconut yoghurt with turmeric and mango. It has been surprisingly hot. I have been enjoying eating outside in the sun and in the space of a few days, I have gone from no job, well 1/2 job (freelancing for Savvy Tokyo) to 2 and 1/2 jobs. The first is to do with the education of 5-10 year olds. That’s pretty much all I can say without breaching privacy rules. And the second is serving delicious homemade organic gelato, vegan sorbets, and coconut ice-cream for the freakishly talented Utopia Ice. Hashtag life-as-a-wannabe-writer.
Plum and earl grey. Yes, earl grey! CHCH friends, you know where to get your ice-cream fix this ice-cream-weather long weekend ;)
image-1FINISHED. This one is my favourite (so far). I really related to Heidi. She, a real writer, me, a wannabe writer – let’s just say reading it, I had numerous: “for real? ME too!” moments.
Today my mom, my sister and I (dad, God bless him, was working as usual) had a Persian breakfast for lunch. Persians eat bread and feta cheese (here sprinkled with cumin powder) with vegetables like cucumber and tomato (the avocado is a personal addition) with herbs and nuts. And sometimes watermelon makes an appearance, too. Washed down with black cardamom tea. Until the age of seven, all I knew of breakfast was the Persian kind. When we arrived in NZ, I was introduced to cereal for the first time. Also sliced bread. We never had that in Iran. Our bread was huge and round and I had to line up for it with my mom. It would come out of a large round oven filled with little stones. Sometimes, if we were lucky (or so I thought back then) our bread would have one of these stones attached to it. This was my childhood. Walking down the street on my tippy toes, scanning the bread my mother held for lucky stones.


  1. Sounds like you have the perfect fulfilling life, with wonderful work and delicious food shared with family. Your photos are stunning – the colours!!! And you left me REALLY wanting some fresh bread…with a lucky stone attached :) Blessings, Harula x


  2. I agree with many of your followers and friends. Stunning photography, creative and healthful food suggestions. So enjoyable! A remarkable balance between the creative arts. I also am likely not alone in suggesting that your journalistic talents are extraordinary and simply need to be exposed to the those with an opportunity to exploit the informative and remarkable insights in your area of interest. A suggestion: popular in America and in other parts of the globe amongst business and professional people and others is a professional social networking site called LinkedIn.com Another platform for networking your talents worldwide – and an opportunity to publish your work and showcase your goals, aspirations and talents to a new audience perhaps? Give it some thought- would be happy to become a early contact for you on that. Cheers! Rick.

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    1. You are soon becoming my number one fan! Thank you so much for reading these posts.. really hope I’m not spamming your email! Have requested your book suggestion from the library and I will get onto this LinkedIn thing ASAP. Much love as always <3


  3. Sounds like a delicious life to me. I’ve been regularly eating granola with ricotta cheese, sliced banana and honey. It’s kind of my staple breakfast right now.

    Life itself is a struggle but we enjoy the hell out of it sometimes. Don’t worry about the writing gig. You write, therefor you are a writer.

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