You Live To Do Good And To Bring Happiness To Others -Abdu’l-Bahá

Recently, I had the pleasure of catering for about 40 hungry (and enlightened) individuals partaking in a global process of learning referred to as The Ruhi Institute. Click HERE to learn more.
Camp Lona, Oamaru.image-6
Chicken, sausage and mushroom pasta bake – my first time making bulk food. image-1-6
The boys!
This place was so serene and beautiful. And remote! So I wondered what would passerby’s think if they knew of the sincerity, love and commitment taking place amongst these children and youth.image-3
Morning tea: cut fruit and boiled corn.
Breakfast: Indian-inspired frittata by dear Taraneh and fruit salad and scrambled eggs by me. image-4
Gourmet camp food.
THIS recipe but with chicken pieces.
How many trolls can you see? #NZ


  1. it looks like you had a marvellous experience in a marvellous environment :) Thanks for sharing with us! (I’m catching up on your blog. It was so long since my last visit, here. How could I resist so long? ;) )

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