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Persian breakfasting at the Persian household with organic buckwheat bread.
I’m so happy I got to go to the Riccarton Farmers’ Market this Saturday. I love farmers’ markets and I especially love the one at Riccarton. The river.. the ducks.. the roses.. the smells! My oh my, am I in heaven! You know, the thing I keep telling everyone and myself, is just how much more I appreciate NZ after being away. There’s no place like it. Nil.
Posh porridge with my best friend.image-2-png-19
Tis officially stone-fruit season in NZ!image-1-png-21
Look Japanese friends! Here we have my gorgeous friend Ayumi serving me vegetarian Gyoza! Yes, Vegetarian! Mmmm!
Yum Yum Gyoza!
After 2 years.. healthy Sunday pancakes at the Kazemis! Recipe HERE.
My mama made me my favorite: vegan Persian dolmeh and boiled broad beans with salt and lemon. Dolmeh recipe HERE.
Last but not least, I’m back at work at Cafe Valentino again and it’s looking like a crazy busy Christmas season. In the mean time, I am actively looking for a writing career.


  1. Anisa, you made me so homesick, I loved Christchurch, and the people, so many happy memories there. Thank you for the recipe look forward to be trying it out, keep up the good work, and enjoy Cafe Valentino, one of our Cafe’s that we love.

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