Stay Close To Anything That Makes You Glad You’re Alive

He makes me so happy. I don’t want to leave.
This is Gaylord Opryland Resort and Convention Centre. It’s a multimillion dollar establishment in the form of a giant glasshouse featuring canalboats, waterfalls and other extravagant things. It is also very easy to get lost in. So romantic, I actually cried here. Really. But for other non-romantic, overemotional reasons. image-png-5
See! It’s a canalboat!
Soooo romantic.
Guys, this is what compromise looks like. Haha I’m joking. This is what inequality looks like :P He wanted to cook me eggs, I did not want to eat eggs, (I wanted muesli). Come on, he should know that! I love muesli! image-1-png-4
Probably the best avo toast of my life! From Proper Bagel. Also got a chance to meet Chris, a friend I met on Instagram who has also done JET (we found each other through jetprogram hashtags). image-png-6
His chicken waldorf salad bagel. Looks good right!
I have a thing or two to learn from him. THIS is what compromise might look like. He craved ice-cream, I didn’t want to get fat(ter) so we agreed on this instead. Acai bowl from Franklin Juice Company.
Doing all the American things, I went to a hockey game. It was cold and it was awesome! I loved it so much. I loved it because I was entertained the whole night. Every few minutes there was a song, or a movie-clip or a random sound affect played. Sooo cool! I haven’t ever experienced sport like this.
Last but not least, as my dear follower’s recommendation, the Batman building in downtown Nashville!


  1. I am so happy for you! The Grand Ole Opry is amazing! And a Predators game! You got spoiled, they know how to put on a show there. Any other game I’ve ever gone to, the Mites on Ice are the main attraction (that’s a bunch of little kids skating around – mostly falling – trying to play a game between periods). Did they have a live band? Enjoy!

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    1. Thank you Sara! They had a live band, yes! It was so fun. I love Nashville! I loved Proper Bagel, too! Last night we went to Nama (sushi restaurant) for trivia night. It was so much fun. It will be hard to leave :(

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  2. I’m so happy you are happy that this post totally made me happy. (And this sentence didn’t make any sense, sorry) But I really like your blog and like always the photos you have taken are so beautiful. :)


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