1. Hehehe! If WeWeWe, than MeMeMe says Ee-Ee-Ee! Stayed up way too late writing, then losing, a 2,162 word post; hence the fuzzy-brained silliness (or Sally-ness) of the above! Today, I’m not even sure I could see the forest for the trees! Then again, I’m always like that!

        So for you, may you be blessed with clarity and wisdom to be able to always see the raspberries for the trees, and may you always experience their sweetness, little one!

        Your new picture with the pumpkins is beautiful! And the giant one! Etc. Right now I have that parental kind of feeling of seeing you off as your “baby” grows up and moves away, etc. It’s all part of life, love, and loss. Thank you for being that — Well done, Anisa; well done!

        Wishing you love, happiness, peace and joy!

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