20 Days In Hell

After 20 excruciating days of receiving zero information from the Iranian officials of my cousin’s whereabouts, his family were finally allowed to “visit” him in Adel Abad prison (Shiraz) in a booth separated by glass. As it turns out, he is being kept in solitary confinement. In “the hotbox”, “the hole”, “lockdown.” And for what? For practising a religion of oneness. Of love, compassion, and justice.

My heart aches for him. For his parents. Sisters. Wife and two young children. But it’s not just him. Countless other completely innocent souls have been, and still are today, victims of the Iranian government’s cruel cruel wrath.

If I could see or speak to Vargha, I would tell him that I am ardently praying for him. And that so are my parents. And my sister, and my friends and my followers. I would beg him to remain hopeful and resilient. Just as I beg you to count your blessings every day. To make the most of your freedom. To work for oneness. To love and to serve. And to stand up for injustice. To stand up, and to speak out for those who cannot speak out for themselves.

Lastly, to please share news of Vargha and the other Bahá’ís terrible state of affairs with your family, friends, and contacts. For perhaps, if the Iranian government is placed under greater pressure for their wicked injustice, they may hopefully reevaluate such inhuman operations.


  1. I am praying for your cousin. It is tough living under tyranny. You are fortunate to not just be free, but the fact that you appreciate the freedom you have, and you are not taking it for granted. I am sure that you cousin is feeling your care. His lovingkindness is a threat to their harsh ways. That is why they treat him that way. I pray that he has the strength to survive each harsh day and that you do not give up hope.

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      1. You are very graciously welcome. It is sad as I watch people in the US boycott the national anthem proclaiming that America is cruel to them. I think that your cousin will gladly trade places with any of those poeple.

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  2. The world cannot rest while atrocities continue. I have read about this prison where your cousin is held. Injustice is an understatement. I am passing your post on and holding your cousin in my heart.

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  3. When all there is is darkness, the smallest privilege and breath of life extended bear portent of good sign. It is good, Anisa, to see “proof of life”… There is hope that even a drawn-out existence provides further opportunity for the means to evoke his release. I just said a prayer to G-d, with Vargha’s name and location, for his health and release, and for yours, as well. Hopefully, all will be well.

    In other things, I want to welcome you to the U.S., and hope you have a great time here. My post about “Chef’d” was “secretly” meant for you, even though I’ve been incommunicado for a period of time, prior.

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      1. Yesterday’s United with Israel (10/25/2016) comes with a general report about the situation of Baha’i/minority imprisonment in Iran. You can read it: https://unitedwithisrael.org/iran-trying-to-crush-its-bahai-minority-israel-safeguards-them/

        Your location looks beautiful! A deer! A squirrel (I love your gorgeous squirrel photo)! I’m just waiting for all the pix to load up… I took a photo yesterday of me in pants on my bike to defy the Iranian fatwa on women riding bikes — but it disappeared… I’m going to take another one.


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