An Inside Look At A Belgian Supermarket

Guys, we have a winner! This Belgian supermarket is unreal. Mainly for two reasons. One, they have testers. But not just any old testers. Testers that are in every supermarket section, changed daily and refilled to keep full during all shopping hours. Yes, you read right. Amazing, isn’t it?! Second, and probably most important, they don’t use plastic bags. Instead, they have a unique trolley system to “bag” items at the cash register. You’ll see both as you scroll down under…
I found the exterior of the shopping centre quite strange. There are no signs of this place being a supermarket. Nil. Zero. Laura says they save on advertising etc this way.
Unlimited snickers! So dangerous!
Raw cashews.. nomnomnom can have these instead.image-183
Cheese and olives! Oui!
Call me Captain Obvious but mandarin…image-180
Grapes image-181
And cherry tomatoes in the fresh produce section.
These are to do with Belgian culture. I’m sure you’ve heard of Belgian fries (NOT French, Laura says), well, these are some of their hundreds of sauces! Including bucket-fulls of mayo! Erghk!
And here is Laura’s dad’s bottom kindly showing us the 0-plastic check-out system. So. The clerk takes the items from your trolley and puts them into another trolley. (I found this interesting as the clerk would be reaching and bending while customers just stood there -not necessarily a bad thing, just an observation.) After that’s done, the customer pushes the other trolley out of the supermarket where they’re then free to unload their groceries straight into their car, bicycle or personal bag.


  1. Testers! Great idea! Although having unlimited samples probably wouldn’t work in Singapore and other developing countries. People would be grabbing freebies all day long instead of buying stuff.

    So about the last picture… What happened was that the clerk put the stuff from one trolley into another trolley and the customer would push the other trolley out into the parking load and unload the stuff into his own vehicle? Is that how it works?

    So how is a Belgian supermarket different from a Japanese one? I think a Japanese one would have more cup ramen, right? And high school students fighting against the forces of evil. One day, I shall go to Japan!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. That’s exactly right about the trolley system! I will try and write it so it’s clearer maybe.. Japanese supermarkets… you saw my post on them right? I had two! They use a shit load of plastic (sorry I know you love Japan) and much chemicals in their fresh produce so they have ginormous apples for instance and perfect looking carrots but they’re all sooo sprayed!


  2. LOL! Lovely post, although I always disliked shopping there, until:

    Colruyt opened a sister branch called, Bioplanet. Upon discovering this, they won me over and I am a fan of Colruyt, well, its sister branch to be precise. ;) At Bioplanet, you get all you are showing in this post, too – only difference: it’s all organic – including munchies – YAY!


    1. I mean, I’m sure not ALL supermarkets are like that! But this one sure was special! Also, there are apparently entirely organic versions and entirely plastic-free supermarkets too!


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