A Day In Geneva

Thank you Laura for letting me use your computer!

I’m so mad at myself for not having come to Geneva earlier. It is only 40 minutes from my auntie’s place and so so spectacular! Wow. You should have seen me. For the entire day I looked like a smiling idiot. Which is why I’ve decided that I’m definitely a city girl. And you know what, I’ve also decided that there’s nothing wrong with that. So, I can appreciate nature. I DO appreciate nature. I love a little peace and quiet. Fresh air. But, I also LOVE culture. Art galleries, boutique stores, cafes, bakeries, flower-shops, book-shops, parks, park benches, park pigeons, I’m lovin’ it. All of it. When I walk through a city like Geneva, I hear poetry in my ears.

I had an entire day in Geneva before my flight to Belgium so here’s what I did:
A look at Jet d’Eau (water jet), one of Geneva’s biggest landmarks.
City strolls.
BEEP BEEP then went off my foodie sensor! I still don’t know exactly what it was but I can definitely say there was meringue, mousse and chocolate. Bye bye diet.
For lunch, I had a soy latte (cos I’m hipster like that) and a vegetarian “Paradiso” salad which I’d seen posted several times on Instagram from Paradiso cafe. And though it was yum, I wished I’d gotten their famous avocado toast instead. First world problems. Wish there were money (and calorie) refunds for bad food decisions.
For dinner, I went to Golestan. A legit Persian restaurant in Geneva’s red light district! I had a Persian favorite: Ghormesabzi with mint and cucumber yoghurt. It was so good, it made me miss my mother. I wish my stomach was larger because I wanted to eat kebab as well. Then, before you think I’m even more of a glutton than I actually am, I walked for 1 hour and 45 minutes to the airport to catch my flight to BELGIUM!
Such a cool exhibition showing beautiful faces alongside the equally beautiful lake.image-6
Maybe Japanese?
Lifa, that you?image-2
United Nations.
Dessert. Shoosh. I earned it/I’m on holiday… (always).


    1. Hi my dear dear friend. I am writing to you from a fellow bloggers home whom I came to meet here in Zurich, Switzerland. I only just passed by the UN I couldnt actually go in without an appointment.. Also, many people, important human rights people already know of the Iranian situation… of course that doesnt mean that I should stop fighting for my cousin and everyone else.. just that, as you know, it isnt a new problem..its ongoing and already many campaigns have been created for it.


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