Comfort Food

I wanted to write a post dedicated to my auntie Pouneh and all of her delicious homemade food.

“There is no spectacle on earth more appealing than that of a beautiful woman in the act of cooking dinner for someone she loves.” (Thomas Wolfe)
Persian barberry and saffron rice with tomato vegetable chicken. Top left is potato tahdig. image-152
The beautiful family at Lake Geneva.
Organic salad with avocado and feta, couscous, grilled fish and green beans.
Persian loobia polo minus the beef, spiced with turmeric and cinnamon. Green salad and potato tahdig.
But first…image-146
Mediterranean-style baked fish.
This is sabzi polo, Persian herbed rice. It is always served with fish. And again, the potato tahdig. image-144
Is it rice? Or is it cake? It’s a rice-cake!image-145
And for dessert, individual chocolate letters for all of us from Harald’s business trip. H for Haifa.
N for Nura.image-141
A for…


      1. It was a blast! I miss her so much. If you ever find yourself in the Bay Area and need suggestions for places to eat and things to do I have got you covered!! 😊


  1. Hi,
    I hope that you are well and the table is set for Kings and Queens. My roasted vegetables pale in comparison. I have a fancy Italian Cucina gas oven and stove top and the oven never gets hot enough.
    Jerusalem is fairly high up so that could be the reason.
    Maybe pass on the recipe for the bean tomato dish? THE rice cake looks like a meal in itself. Geneva looks magnificent. How ideal!
    Maybe some day will visit.


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