From Hola to Bonjour

Guys, I’m so confused. One day I’m saying gracias to the supermarket clerk, the next day, arigato. Note to self: merci merci merci pardon.

Today I biked to the local market. I said “bonjour” to an elderly passerby. He said: “bonjour mademoiselle,”(just like the movies) and I died.
The French market in Thonon reminded me very much of the Riccarton Bush market back home (NZ). Unlike the markets in Spain where the fresh produce were displayed organically in fresh piles, the food here were set out decoratively in nice cartons, on pretty table cloths and alongside authentic ornaments.
He said: “Hey lady try this olive pesto. It’s very fresh.” Then: “but not as fresh as you!” ???
Delicious oily beignets mmm!
Okay, NOW I’m French.
This picture is for Teck Loh, Andy Banks and my father <3
Herbs for my mama <3
And last but not least, flowers for my sister.
Remnants of a French breakfast :O


  1. I’m not even a foodie, but your blogs are really fun for locating us in these cool market places all over the world – and soon the aesthetics and cultural nuances of differing locales seep into our awareness – I refer to those differences in packaging/presentation, containers, quantities, evident food quality, signage, decorative flourishes like the figurines, various prepared foods available and actual food prices. Great stuff.

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  2. I like your photos of the fruits and prepared foods. But you do know that more that the dried fruits are handled and exposed to air the more chance of contamination. I like to scoop out of the sack.
    I’d be interested to know the prices per Kilo for some staples.
    Are the flowers grown locally? They are probably imported from Holland, the largest exporter in the world.
    Would you request your shop-owner to sell flowers from Israel? They represent 1% of the world market. Curious about his response.

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