A Disaster

Dear friends

I have a very big (big for me) first-world-problem. Don’t laugh but I dropped my phone in the toilet. No, I wasn’t taking a picture of the toilet seat (Danny’s comment). It was in my back pocket and when I pulled down my pants.. well, you get the picture. Trust me I was quick. I took it out within half a second but hair-dryer, rice, oven, it’s still completely dead. Communication isn’t the problem.. for that I can use my computer. The real problem is photography. I use, well, used (wahh) my phone to take and edit my blog and Savvy Tokyo pictures. What now?

I can’t curse the universe for this. I realise I am completely to blame. But instead of sitting here and feeling disappointed in my stupid self, I will use this opportunity (gah I hate me for even being this sickly positive) to better myself. I will open my eyes and be attentive. I will carry a diary and take note of the noteworthy things I encounter. Then, I will try as best as I can to write them in a picturesque manner.

Today is my last day in Galicia, Spain – though I have a post on Galicia scheduled for tomorrow (with pictures). Tomorrow morning I will fly to Geneva. I don’t know what to expect other than a certainty of love from my auntie, her husband and two gorgeous daughters.

PS feel free to make a phone/camera donation (half joking).

PPS this means no more Instagram.


Edward Gorey (1961)


  1. I did this once too! (Ok maybe more than once) but the phone didn’t die. Maybe I was just lucky. It died a slower death and I could retrieve my photos before I got a new one. If you have an iPhone you could set it up to automatically store your photos in the much-talked-about ‘cloud’, teen you wouldn’t lose them even if you drowned your phone. Doesn’t help you now… but maybe with your next phone 😊

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  2. aarrgghhh, Sorry to hear. Gravity and physics are two of my primary enemies, Water including plumbing is second. These are the main natural forces that destroy my things. So far I don’t count time, but it’s bound to get me someday.

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  3. lol! sorry, but I did need to laugh as it was quite the comedy situation! ;)

    Well, if this is not a sign of the universe to dig into your words and paint us fantastic pictures with them! Your destiny as a writer is confirmed and sealed!

    It’s funny, two days ago my friend sent me an iMessage from Greece with her iPad saying she lost her iPhone at the airport! And being quite the tech geek, I told her that this incident was just in time for her to get the new iPhone 7… which, by the way, will take awesome photos!

    (Nope, not getting provisions here, just in love with the new iPhone :) )

    Anyways, how long will you be in Geneva for?

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    1. Hehe first world problems eh! Messaging from an iPad to report a lost iPhone! I will definitely look into the iPhone 7 hehe I will have to save up for it though! Need another writing job! In Geneva about one month! You been before?


  4. Sorry for your troubles my dear. If I had a spare I’d send it your way. Actually I have an Iphone 4 sitting on the shelf but it is cracked and splintered, though still functional. Best of luck on your next adventure!


  5. don’t feel bad, many people have done it. I dropped it into a toilet and in the fountain. Moreover, it was calling and vibrating when I pulled it out despite its screen half-full with water…those were the days before the smartphones/iphones were invented. Now the phones are more fragile :(

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  6. I have done exactly this, with my work phone. How embarrassing having to own up to my manager…I was the disgraced employee for a while and the target of many poo jokes! My phone died completely. Apparently the thing to do is switch it off immediately and worry about cleaning it later – which I did not do.

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