Do You Want To Hear Something Ridiculous?

Do you want to hear something ridiculous?

I am in love with a boy I have not even met.
I don’t know the feel of his touch
or the smell of his neck.
I don’t know the sound of his voice
or the swing of his walk.
I don’t know the heat of his skin
or the texture of his hair. 
And yet,
I have my heart set.

I arrange seashells in his name.
I pray for his wellbeing.
I sing him in the shower.
I whisper him in my sleep .
And on the days I pick wild berries,
we share them in my dreams.


  1. Here’s your kooky friend to tell you that it’s not ridiculous; it’s nearby. I sensed him, too, just recently. I wish I could grasp him in my mind, for my forgetfulness made it fleeting. But, what it is is he’s tall, noble-bearing of dignity, yet easy-going. Iranian, too. Hopefully, not just wishful thinking breaking a double-bound heart. Maybe in France, or India? Maybe at that store?! Yuh. I see him in my mind’s eye, now, laughing with you as the two of you are picking raspberries. Yuh.


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