An Inside Look At A Spanish Supermarket

So different to both Japan and New Zealand. When travelling, I love to visit the local supermarket. It always becomes a highlight because it’s always so interesting.
Two entire rows + four row fronts (each side) just for cheese! Oh my!
This is a monkey fish. You choose your fish and the ladies (or gentlemen) prepare them for you. Of course, preprepared fish is also available.
Jose doing his thang.
Apart from this brand (which is refrigerated) the remaining milk here look like cleaning products because of the way they’re stored and packaged.
Meat, meat and more meat.
Look at the top right yellow label. 339 Euro for one leg! Now that’s some special meat.
Jose says these pigs eat acorns so even though they’re fat, they’re good fat. “Like me,” I said (hehe).image2
All of the tomatoes an Italian chef could wish for (also on other side).
In Japan, carrots are heavily sprayed making them big and perfect. Then, they’re individually wrapped in excess plastic. This is how fruit and vegetables should be! Ugly but delicious. image
I love these peaches! 0.98 Euro for a KG! Good or good?!
All of the legumes! Plus, olives, anchovies, pates and dried nuts and fruit (not pictured).
Look Japanese friends! “Japanese” food!
Introducing Jose to almond milk and other trendy health foods (hehe).


  1. I love to grocery shop in foreign countries, too. It’s such a treat to see the different types of products and produce they have, often so different from those in our own countries. I’m sure enjoying your Spanish posts! They bring back many happy memories for me.

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  2. I love visiting supermarkets when I’m travelling too. You can learn so much about the local cuisine by checking them out. In Chile recently I was shocked that I couldn’t find fresh milk, only UHT. But the wine section was amazing, and amazingly cheap.

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  3. Love this post! I like visiting local supermarkets too, they say so much about the local (eating) culture. I need to visit spain for that cheese isle alone!
    I laughed at the ‘Japanese’ food, we have that Blue Dragon nori as well, and pssst it’s actually imported from Korea! :P
    I’ll make sure to plan a supermarket visit for when you’re here too. CHOCOLATE.

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