Tokyo Had Everything But You

A rainy summer festival.
Senso-ji temple.
My lucky fortune – now ain’t that the truth? I had a really hard time living in the Japanese country side and working in their education system but now, apparently (hopefully) all that’s gone.
A pancake/pikelete thingy majig filled with anko (sweet red bean paste) and matcha (green tea) ice-cream.
A maid cafe waitress hoping for business.
This is Akihabara. A popular Tokyo district mostly famous for its many electronic stores.
Ramen. image[4]image[5]image[6]image[4]image[3]
image[2]image[3]I really enjoyed this colourful district and I kept thinking how much my father (the ex electrician) would also.


  1. Beautiful and telling photos. What a great place to visit. My initial reaction: I am looking at green and trees where I live. Quiet is all I hear. A stark contrast. Then, my ‘teacher antenna’ went up and I thought about all the kids who have ADD in Tokyo and wonder how they get through it. I’m sure they do! Kids in the country need to get to the city, and vice versa. Wonderful post and photos. Thank you! -Jennie-

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    1. Actually, there are many children with special needs in Japan who are not catered for. Sadly, the country has a big problem with this. Your teacher’s antenna was right. Lots of love. Thank you for reading.

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