Holiday Blues

I have holiday blues. Yes, there’s such a thing. I Googled it.


Seriously though, I feel so blue tonight. I am pinning it down to these:

Over-scheduling (see previous post)
You see, I only have 2 weeks left in Japan which is why I’ve been really pushing myself to see and do everything. Also, to keep my blog fresh and up to date. Because I truly enjoy it, it is my passion and of course to keep with my hot-shot writing dreams. However, amidst all the hustle and bustle and adventuring, I seem to have forgotten I’m not superhuman. I am exhausted. But here’s the problem. It’s not like I have anything else. I do a bit of free-lancing here and there but it’s not enough to occupy an entire day. And I know you all wish you didn’t have to work a 9-5 day and/or look after your needy significant other and/or rowdy children so that you could have even a spare moment to read a novel, go for a run, drink a coffee in silence, paint your nails etc but I swear, human wiring comes with the disease of always always wanting what we don’t have.

Holiday food
My general diet for the past year and half of Japan life has been a challenge. You can read about it here. Or in short, it’s been challenging learning to shop, cook and eat for one. I miss sitting around a table and eating with others. When I do eat with others here, it’s usually eating out. Which is exciting yes, and I feel should be done cos like when else am I gonna be in JAPAN to eat this authentic soba?! But at the same time, it’s not the healthiest. And even though I try to choose the healthiest menu items and exercise everyday (sometimes walking or cycling 10+ ks), it’s still not the same as eating and living on a normal schedule in the comfort of your own hometown. All this holiday food then, is starting to make me feel bad about my body image and myself.

Unrealistic expectations of myself
A quote I’ve mentioned several times here, “comparison is the thief of joy” by Theodore Roosevelt. During holidays, we meet countless faces. In Japan, most are settled in good jobs with babies and husbands. My current life is much much different in comparison. Again, it seems instinctive of human wiring to compare. I keep forgetting that this won’t be my life forever and that I too am chasing my dream/working towards a good future. When I compare my very undetermined life with theirs, I feel sad.

Lack of sleep
A combination of the above.

I know I’m probably being too hard on myself but I, 1. needed to get this off of my chest and tell someone seeing as I’m all alone in this wah and 2. wanted you to know that it’s not all castle and croissants and that there is depth to the pretty pictures.

Last, am going on a money and food diet.

1…2…3… (a goal-starter countdown I’ve always done as a kid for which my father would always mock me)



  1. Gah! Your pictures remind me of all the amazing things I miss about Japan! Enjoy it while you can and be happy it happened, rather than sad that it’s over. ^.^ That is a long time to experience Japan and I’m jealous you got to stay so long!

    P.s. Part of me wishes I’d gotten a tsumtsum. They’re just adorable. :p (But I didn’t know which one to pick. haha! I like the villains and they don’t seem to be big in Japan.)

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    1. Melanie, email me your address. I want to send you one! I can’t promise I’ll find a villain but if you’ve any other requests please tell me otherwise I’ll choose my personal favorite :D No catch! X

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      1. Aw! That’s very kind of you, but I actually did find something that was better than a tsumtsum in Japan, which satisfied my shopping fiend: an umbreon plushie! Hee hee! It took me a couple different Pokemon stores to find him, but he was well worth it!

        Just out of curiosity, though, which tsumtsum is your favorite?

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  2. Surprise! :) I see your most gob-smacking spectacular photos EVER among these sets! Love, love, love the blue Osaka Wheel (hey! So it’s good to be blue!) and that creamy pink-white flower bunch… What an angle, and who would’ve ever thought to have composed the shot like that, but a true artiste (you earn the “e” on the end)! Superb! Total talent! September we’ll be moving on. I wish you fortune and love, my darling. You will need them and you will deserve them. Frankly, I have so much admiration for you. You’re a lovely girl, you’re sweet and nice, and talented beyond belief. I can’t believe everything you’ve done already at your tender, young age — you just blow me away. Please don’t be blue. We love you! <3

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      1. Thank you, Anisa. I wish you all life’s best ahead. I don’t know wjere I’ll be in September. Thanks for being there for me! I love you, toooooo!


  3. I remember feeling that aimless helplessness the last couple of times I was traveling by myself, and it wasn’t even for an especially long time. I don’t blame you at all for feeling a bit blue with all this time in holiday limbo. Take care of yourself and keep enjoying the new things. I’m glad you’re feeling better today!

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  4. I am sorry that you are feeling so blue! However, you should also make a list of the things you are enjoying there.. or things that you will miss once you’re back! This should help perk your mood a little! :)

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  5. Please do not let the holiday blues get the best of you! We all have our bad days and slumps, but it’s in our power to see the positivity, a reason to get up and invigorate ourselves again! I wish you the best and please know that you are so spectacular and so strong. I believe in you. xx


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